Economics Degrees

The School of Economic Sciences undergraduate program provides students with the basic economic knowledge, quantitative tools, and communication skills necessary to secure professional positions in a wide range of industries and public organizations. Economics is the study of the allocation of resources between competing and alternative uses. Employment opportunities include various careers such as agribusiness managers, appraisers, budget analysts, claims appraisers, commodity brokers, consultants, credit analysts, economic analysts, environmental impact appraisers, financial analysts, managers, marketing researchers/administrators, natural resource managers, research and sales analysts, securities brokers, statisticians, and underwriters.

Bachelor of Science in Economic Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Food Systems

The Agricultural and Food Business Economics major gives students what they need to succeed in the food and agricultural business world – knowledge of business and economics practices as well as a deep understanding of animal, plant, and food systems. Employment ranges from market researcher to product analyst to food broker in a variety of venues. This college-wide, interdisciplinary program is advised within the School of Economic Sciences. To certify, a student must have completed 24 semester credit hours and have a 2.0 GPA or above.”