Advising Guide for transfer to BS Economic Sciences

Washington State University offers a degree program in Economic Sciences that effectively utilizes your previous coursework taken at community colleges so that you can complete your undergraduate degree in a timely manner.  Economic Sciences offers an array of both personally and financially rewarding career opportunities for students with strengths in business, mathematics, sciences, or the humanities.  WSU’s program is known for its hands-on learning experiences, caring teaching faculty, and stimulating coursework that provide real world application of concepts.

Students who choose economics as their major thrive on intellectual curiosity and are motivated to positively impact the world around them.  Do you find yourself questioning the ‘why’ and ‘the how’ in business, politics, and finance?  Are you curious about how decisions regarding business strategy, finance, health, climate change, transportation, or agribusiness are made?  Then economics might be for You!

Areas of degree specialization within the economic sciences degree (options) include:

  • Business Economics
  • Economics, Policy, and Law
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Financial Markets
  • International Economics and Development
  • Environmental and Resource Economics
  • Quantitative Economics

Description of Options

Transfer Pathways

Many of our best students attend local community colleges prior to transferring to WSU. Below is a list of suggested WSU courses to take locally and transfer into WSU. You can find your institution’s equivalent courses with our Transfer Course Search Tool or submit a course for evaluation with our Course Evaluation Request Form.

  • ENGL 101 [WRTG]: Introductory Writing
  • COM 102 [COMM]: Speaking in the Digital Age
  • ECONS 101: Fundamentals of Microeconomics
  • ECONS 102: Fundamentals of Macroeconomics
  • STAT 212: Introduction to Statistical Method, OR MGTOP 215: Business Statistics
  • MATH 202: Calculus for Business and Economics, OR 171: Calculus I
  • WSU UCORE [ARTS] course
  • WSU UCORE [HUM] course – PHIL 103: Introduction to Ethics, recommended for Economics, Policy and Law option.
  • WSU UCORE [DIVR] course
  • WSU UCORE [BSCI] course – BIO 106: Intro to Organismal Biology, recommended for Agricultural Economics option and Agriculture and Food Business Economics major.
  • WSU UCORE [PSCI] course – CHEM 101: Introduction to Chemistry, recommended for Agricultural Economics option and Agriculture and Food Business Economics major.

Check out our Transfer Student page for more information about the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences (CAHNRS) Transfer Student Experience!

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