Freight Policy Transportation Institute

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The FPTI is funded by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT). Dr. Eric Jessup of Washington State University is Director of the Institute. A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) comprised of Federal, State and local representatives has been assembled in order to identify relevant and pressing issues for analysis, apply rigorous theoretical and analytical techniques and evaluate results and reports. The following are key goals and objectives for the Freight Policy Transportation Institute:

  • Improve understanding of the importance of efficient and effective freight transportation to both the regional and national economy
  • Address the need for improved intermodal freight transportation, as well as policies and actions that can be implemented to lower operating costs, increase safety and lower environmental impacts of freight transportation nationwide
  • Improve freight transportation performance to specific industries and sectors of the economy


  1. The Practical Corridor Supply Chain: Multimodal Case Study Assessment (ppt) presented at the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, Washington DC January 9th, 2017
  2. Poster (pdf) presented by Jeremy L. Sage, Austin Miller, and J. Bradley Eustice at the 2016 PacTrans Conference in Seattle. Oct., 14
  3. Investing in Connectivity: A Geographic Argument for the Importance of Agricultural Freight Flows (ppt) given by Eric Jessup at the WEAI meeting in Portland, OR. July, 29
  4. Conservation Procurement Auctions (pdf) presented by Paksing Choi at the WEAI meeting in Portland, OR. July, 29 PDF Slides
  5. You Zhou and Jeremy Sage: “Know Your Neighbor: Spatial Effects of State Export Promotion and Infrastructure Investment.” Presented at 14th World Conference on Transport Research in Shanghai, China, July 10-15, 2016.
  6. Eric Jessup: Investing in Connectivity: A Geographic Argument for the Importance of Agricultural Freight Flows June 30
  7. Reroute or Wait It Out: Estimating Optimal Route Decisions in the Presence of Unexpected Delays (pdf) May 2016

More Presentations

Publications & Papers

  1. Pacific Northwest Container Availability Study (pdf)
  2. Understanding Truck Driver Behavior with Respect to Cell Phone Use and Vehicle Operation
  3. Idaho Statewide Freight Data & Supply-Chain Analysis (pdf)
  4. Pacific Northwest Transportation Capacity and Washington Grain Exports
  5. USDA Study of Agricultural and Rural Transportation Needs

Projects & Reports

  1. Report – Sage, Jeremy, Ken Casavant, and You Zhou. “U.S. 95 Freight Multi-Modal Corridor Supply Chain: A Pilot Study.” Report submitted to Idaho Transportation Department. 2015

Research Reports

Freight Data

  1. Freight Data


Freight Policy Transportation Institute:
Director and Research Professor Eric Jessup,
Professor Jia Yan,
Research Associate Suzette Galinato,
Danna Moore

Transportation Research Group:
WSU PhD student J. Bradley Eustice,
WSU Phd student Timur Dincer,
WSU PhD student Dindu Lama,
WSU Phd student Mohammad Rahman,
WSU Undergraduate student Natasha Garrison and,
WSU Undergraduate student Andrew Gutierrez

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