Scholarships & Internship Opportunities

SES Scholarships

To be considered for a SES scholarship, students must complete the following steps:

  1. Be certified, or intend to certify, in a School of Economic Sciences major.
  2. Complete the annual WSU General Scholarship Application, which opens in the fall semester and closes on January 31st.
  3. Submit a current resume to BEFORE January 31st.
    1. Resume tips: include any leadership experiences, involvement activities, and/or extracurricular experiences.

A starting point for searching for scholarships and internships. Also, information on graduate programs to pursue with a degree in Economics.

Other Scholarships


  • CAHNRS Scholarships
  • Join and search for the WSU School of Economic Sciences for internship and job postings!
  • Graduate Program Information

    With a degree in Economics, graduate programs are also an exciting option to consider.  The American Economic Association has a lot of information that you will find helpful. Here is a link to their website: