The mission of the FPTI is to advance knowledge and analytics in the area of transportation policy. A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) comprised of Federal, State and local representatives will be assembled in order to:

  1. Identify relevant and pressing issues for analysis;
  2. Apply rigorous theoretical and analytical techniques; and
  3. Evaluate results and reports

This organized technology transfer effort will reach out to policymakers and other researchers in a coordinated program with the findings of the studies, thus avoiding duplication of research efforts.

The FPTI will provide a broader perspective on transportation research, enhancing synergies among and between other technical research efforts in the State, region and nation, while reducing redundancies and overlap by using economic analysis as the performance norm. The FPTI will offer policy analyses, especially economic policy analyses, which can move the overall research effort forward in a coordinated and synergistic manner, rather than a series of disjointed and even duplicative projects. The Recipient will coordinate, streamline and guide research efforts towards policy relevant areas of inquiry in a systematic fashion.


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