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Spring 2019
DateNameAffiliationSeminar TitleTime & Place
February 8Richard IlesWSU - SESPoverty, a heuristic and economic decision-making: a quasi-natural experiment from rural KenyaNEW 12:10-1:30
Hulbert 27
February 22Anne PisorWSU - AnthropologyExperimental measures of partner preferences in the Bolivian AmazonNEW 12:10-1:30
Hulbert 27
March 1Ana Espinola-Arredondo WSU -SESAbolishing Environmental Regulation: Strategic Effects and Welfare Implications.”NEW 12:10-1:30
Hulbert 27
March 8 Craig Gundersen University of Illinois - Agricultural and Consumer EconomicsAlleviating Food Insecurity in the U.S.: Next Steps for Research and Policy3:00 - 4:10
Hulbert 27
March 22Leigh Lecture
Pat Bajari
Chief Economist at AmazonThe Impact of Data on Firm Performance: An Empirical Investigation

The Use of Data in Industry: A View from the Front Lines

Cue 203
April 5Kathleen Segerson University of Connecticut - Environmental and Resource EconomicsEvaluating Voluntary Environmental Programs
with Spillover Effects
3:00 - 4:10
Hulbert 27
April 19Harounan KaziangaOklahoma State University - Development EconomicsThe Long-Term Impacts of Girl-Friendly Schools: Ten-Year Evidence from School Construction in Burkina Faso3:00 - 4:10
Hulbert 27
April 26Dr. Alex MaasUniversity of IdahoOther-Regarding Behavior, Dilemmas, and Defection: ‘Irrational’ Behavior in a Common Pool Resource Setting.3:00 - 4:10
Hulbert 27
May 10David Bishai Johns Hopkins University - Health EconomicsThe Economics of place and health – real estate prices, public health, and migration.3:00 - 4:10
Hulbert 27
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