Economic Sciences

Jill McCluskey, Director, invites you to visit the School of Economic Sciences.

The School of Economic Sciences offers a highly rated Ph.D. program in Economics and Agricultural Economics, an M.S. degree in Applied Economics, and an undergraduate program leading to a B.S. degree that can open doors to a wide variety of career paths. The School has over 85 graduate students and over 240 undergraduates.

The School is dedicated to high-quality teaching, research, outreach, and engagement. Students are taught by 30 full-time faculty members from many economic disciplines. The faculty and students are actively engaged in cutting-edge research. There is a strong tradition of excellence in applied econometric modeling.

Recent publications include journal articles in American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Econometrica, International Economic Review, Journal of Econometrics, Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Journal of Environmental Economics & Management, Journal of Law & Economics, Journal of Urban Economics, Review of Economic Studies, and Quantitative Economics.

List of courses in Economic Sciences

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Last Updated 08.30.2019

Department News

Congratulation to SES graduate student Chelsea Pardini, she received the Harriett B. Rigas Outstanding Woman in Doctoral Studies Award. Read more…

Congratulations to PhD student Imisi Aiyetan. Imisi was selected to participate in the Berkeley/Sloan Summer School in Environmental and Energy Economics and received a diversity fellowship.

Congratulations to recently promoted faculty!

  • Randy Fortenbery was named 2020 Fellow of the Western Agricultural Economics Association
  • Ana Espinola-Arredondo to Full Professor
  • Greg Galinato to Full Professor
  • Karina Gallardo to Full Professor
  • Bidisha Mandal to Full Professor
  • Felix Munoz-Garcia to Full Professor
  • Alex Prera promoted to Clinical Associate Professor.

Economics Tutoring Center goes remote!

The Economics Tutoring Center for EconS 101 and EconS 201 has now gone online. During their scheduled work hours our Tutors will now field Undergraduate questions remotely and in real-time. Click here to visit the Center.

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