Paper Presentations

  • Safe & Adequate Truck Parking in the Pacific Northwest: Analysis of Truck Driver Survey presented by Hernandez, S., Jessup, E. L.
  • An Improved Methodology to Evaluate the Benefits of Highway Preservation presented by Lang, Eric and Eric Jessup.
  • Transportation System Resiliency: A National Perspective of Potential Infrastructure Impacts from Climate Change presented by Sage, Jeremy, Austin Miller and Eric Jessup.
  • Economic and Environmental Impacts from the Columbia-Snake River Extended Lock Outage: 2016-2017 presented by Briscoe, Erika, Eric Jessup and Ken Casavant.
  • U.S. Rail Freight Demand, Service, Capacity and Performance presented by Casavant, Ken, Jesse Gastelle, Peter Caffarelli and Eric Jessup.
  • Uncovering Confounding Factors of Large Truck Crashes and Safety Critical Events: An Exploratory Analysis of Northwest Truck Driver Survey presented by Hernandez, Salvador, Eric Jessup, Jason Anderson and Eric North.

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