Eastern Washington Intermodal Transportation Study

EWITS was a six-year study funded jointly by the federal government and the Washington State Department of Transportation as a part of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991. Dr. Ken Casavant of Washington State University was Director of the study. A state-level Steering Committee provided overall direction pertaining to the design and implementation of the project. The Steering Committee included Jerry Lenzi, Chairperson (WSDOT, Eastern Region); Richard Larson (WSDOT, South Central Region); Don Senn (WSDOT, North Central Region); Charles Howard (WSDOT, Planning Manager); and Jay Weber (Douglas County Commissioner). Linda Tompkins represented the Washington State Transportation Commission on the Steering Committee. An Advisory Committee with representation from a broad range of transportation interest groups also provided guidance to the study.

Eastern Washington is served by an extensive highway, rail, air and water transportation system. Vital commerce and passenger mobility within the state of Washington depends upon the continued efficient operation of this network. EWITS has developed information to help shape the multimodal network necessary for the efficient movement of both freight and people into the next century.

The completed, six year, $1.2 million study combined federal and state Department of Transportation funds for evaluating intermodal and transportation infrastructure and capacity needs in eastern Washington. This study has generated a multitude of research reports and working papers on a wide variety of topics related to eastern Washington transportation. These reports and working papers are now available at this site.