The overall purpose of the Strategic Freight Transportation Analysis (SFTA) is to strategically maximize the efficiencies and benefits available from the multimodal transportation system, within Washington, in moving freight.

The objectives are to:

  1. Identify freight corridors by vehicle volume, type and commodity:  past, present and prospective.
  2. Assess the operation of selected portions of ports, roadways, rail systems, and barges of the current transportation system, evaluate infrastructure adequacy, and identify deficiencies and investment needs.
  3. Conduct discrete analyses of mode cost structure and competitive mode shares as ownership and government policies are changed.
  4. Assess the potential for economic development opportunities as it pertains to supporting the overall multimodal transportation system.
  5. Examine case studies of private, public costs of transportation by individual modes to identify true costs and establish the baseline of private and public contributions.
  6. Research current public/private investments and the opportunities for public/private partnership investments in the infrastructure requirements of the various modes to stimulate and support the rural economic development throughout the state.