General School Requirements for Undergraduate Studies

The schedule sets forth the degree requirements for the School’s undergraduate degree. The degree requirements as stated are minimums. A student in consultation with his/her advisor may substitute courses which approach a given subject matter area in an equivalent or a more advanced or rigorous fashion.

University General Educational Requirements (GER’s) are met in the School requirements listed for all degrees. Students are encouraged to consult the on-line WSU catalog for a listing of all graduation requirements. In addition to the GER’s listed as courses, students must satisfactorily complete the writing portfolio prior to graduation.

At least 40 of the total hours required for all curricula leading to the Bachelor of Science degree must be in upper-division courses. Students should consult their advisors as early as possible for the appropriate sequencing of courses, as well as for the option that best suits their needs and interests.

Students planning to transfer to Washington State University from other institutions should take courses which will meet the 100- and 200-level requirements for the university general education requirements in the natural and social sciences, mathematics, statistics, economics, english, speech, and accounting. If transferring from a Washington community college, the transferrable associate of arts degree is highly recommended. If a student is considering graduate studies, he/she is encouraged to consult with an academic advisor as soon as possible. Such students should take additional economic theory and quantitative methods courses and selected application courses beyond those required for the degree.

A minor in economics is often a desirable complement to majors such as business administration, engineering, education, forestry, political science, and history. The following minors are offered: economics, agribusiness economics, environmental and resource economics & management, and sustainable development. Consult the School for an acceptable program of study.


Graduation Requirements

General Education Requirements — 40 credits

Economics Core Requirements — 34 credits

  • EconS 101 Fundamentals of Microeconomics – 3 credits
  • EconS 102 Fundamentals of Macroeconomics – 3 credits
  • EconS 301 Intermediate Microeconomics – 3 credits
  • EconS 302 Intermediate Macroeconomics – 3 credits
  • EconS 311 Econometrics – 3 credits
  • EconS 490 Economics Capstone – 3 credits
  • EconS 497 Internship or EconS 499 Special Problems or
  • EconS 483 Study Abroad or EconS 495 Instructional Practicum – 3 credits
  • Engl 402 Tech & Prof. Writing – 3 credits
  • Math 201 Math Bus/Econ (3 cr) or 220 Intro Linear Algebra (2 cr)
  • Math 202 Calculus for Bus/Econ or 171 Calculus I (4 cr)
  • Stat 212 Intro Stat Methods or MgtOp 215 Statistics – 4 credits

Economics Option Requirements (depends on option) – 24-33 credits

Electives from outside the major (depends on major option chosen) – 13-22 credits

Minimum Total Credits – 120 credits

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  • Agricultural Economics Option
  • Environmental and Resource Economics Option
  • Business Economics Option
  • Financial Markets Option
  • Economic Development Option
  • Economics, Policy and Law Option
  • Quantitative Economics Option
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