Student Seminar Series

Committee: Andre Murray (Chair) | Michael Mahoney | Joseph Navelski
Spring 2022
DateTime & PlacePresenterTopic
Jan. 123:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23
Jan. 193:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23
Jan. 263:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23
Feb. 23:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Joseph NavelskiMethods in Analyzing Consumer Acceptance and Social Interactions with Social Media Data:  An Application to the Topic of Genome Editing in Domestic Livestock
Feb. 93:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Jae Young HwangThe impact of airplane delays on airfares.
Feb. 163:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Michael MahoneyQuantifying Media Polarization
Feb. 233:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Imisi AiyetanTraditional Abatement versus Carbon Dioxide Removal  under Strategic Environmental Policy with Lobbying
March 23:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Kennedy OdongoMachine Learning For Event Studies
March 93:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Xueying MaTrade-off between a novel breeding technology and the WTP for reduced sugars, exploratory analyses of two cranberry processed products, under different information treatments
March 163:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Spring break
March 233:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Carly DollinImpact of technological investments on wage in the manufacturing sector of the US
March 303:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Dindu LamaTBA
April 63:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Jui SenDoes stringency of enforcement lead to intra-firm pollution leakage or pollution decline?
April 133:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Nawwaf AljulaifiTBA
April 203:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Reetwika BasuAn Agent-Based Model of agricultural water markets under appropriative rights and droughts
April 273:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Grishma Manandhar Peer to peer electricity trading in Micro-grids
May 43:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Yin ZhangSentiment Analysis on Cryptocurrency Return Prediction
Washington State University