Student Seminar Series

Committee: Andre Murray (Chair) | Michael Mahoney | Joseph Navelski
Fall 2021
DateTime & PlacePresenterTopic
Sept. 083:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Michael MahoneyAssessing State Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Sept. 223:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Mingyi YangMacro Uncertainty and Business Cycles in Continuous Time
Sept. 293:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Wisnu SugiartoThe impact of wildlife crossing structures on road safety
Oct. 063:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Jiaying WangEstimating Misclassified Binary Response Using Bayesian Approach
Oct. 133:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Kairon GarciaSchools’ switch to online or hybrid learning and parental labor market outcomes during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Oct. 203:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Katelin Swansonhe impact of COVID-19 restrictions on United States employment: Evidence from the Consumer Population Survey
Oct. 273:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Andre MurrayThe Labor Market Effects of Changes in State Versus Federal Unemployment Insurance Benefits
Nov. 033:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Almira SalimgarievaEnforcing Regulation when Violations are Heterogenous: Empirical Evidence from U.S. Stationary Emissions Policy
Nov. 173:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23William KingModeling decisions in operating satellite constellations
Dec. 013:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Namloc NguyenExtrapolating Implied Volatility From Serial Corn and Wheat Options Derivatives
Dec. 083:00-4:00 PM Hulbert 23Magdana KondaridzeDeterminants of dairy trade: Do subsidies matter?
Washington State University