Past Seminars – Academic Year 2009-2010

September – 2009

  • September 11: Long Run Effects of Mergers: The Case of U.S. Western Railroads, Clifford Winston
  • September 25: Preparation for the PhD Job Market, Jon Yoder

October – 2009

  • October 30: Unbiased Function Simulation Based on Good Lattice Points, Greg Duncan
  • October 23: Is there really no economic response in U.S. agriculture?, Jeffrey LaFrance
  • October 16: The Decision to Import, Tim Graciano and Mark Gibson

November – 2009

  • November 13: A tale of two externalities: environmental policy and market structure, Felix Munoz and Ana Espinola

December – 2009

  • December 4: Returns on Individual Stocks in a General Equilibrium, Seung Mo Choi

January – 2010

  • January 21: Anonymity and infidelity: Ethnic Identity, Strategic Cross-ethnic Sexual Network Formation, and HIV/AIDS in Africa, Roland Pongou

February – 2010

  • February 1: Un – 2010certain Child Survival and Fertility: The Effects of Child Morbidity and Mortality, Anna-Maria Aksan
  • February 3: Early Childhood Malnutrition and Adult Obesity: Evidence from the 1959-61 China Famine, Winnie Fung
  • February 5: The Impact of Rainfall on Early Child Health, Yeon-Soo Kim
  • February 18: Forward-Thinking Teens: The Effects of College Costs on Adolescent Risky Behavior, Ben Cowan
  • February 19: SES-GSA Poster Competition
  • February 26: Agricultural Economics: A Profile and Projections for the Future, Greg Perry

March – 2010

  • March 5: Prediction Markets: A Case Study of Forecasting Cattle on Feed, Karina Gallardo
  • March 8: Washington State’s Economic & Revenue Outlook, Arun Raha
  • March 9: The Art & Science of Economic Fortune Telling, Arun Raha

April – 2010

  • April 29: The Nature and Causes of the Current US Recession, University wide lecture
  • April 29: Ideas and Growth, Robert E. Lucas, Jr. School Seminar
  • April 16: We should drink no wine before its time, Jeff LaFrance
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