Past Seminars – Academic Year 2008-2009

September – 2008

  • September 19: Preparation for the Ph.D. Job Market, Jonathan Yoder (SES)
  • September 5: Quality standard effects on goods with collective reputation and multiple components, Jason Winfree (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) Alumni Lecture
  • September 12: Consequentialist Ambiguity, Maxwell B. Stinchcombe (University of Texas, Austin)

October – 2008

  • October 3: Did Booker Unveil Implicit Discrimination Among Federal Judges?, Andrew Nutting (University of Idaho)
  • October 10: Do the Selfish Mimic Cooperators? Experimental Evidence from Finitely-Repeated Labor Markets (with Steven Y. Wu), Abstract, Brian Roe (The Ohio State University)
  • October 24: Would Hotelling Kill the Electric Car?, Andrew Leach (University of Alberta)
  • October 31: The Location of U.S. States’ Overseas Offices, Andrew Cassey (SES)

November – 2008

  • November 10: The Value of Statistical Life: Pursuing the Deadliest Catch, William C. Horrace (The Maxwell School of Syracuse University)
  • November 14: Estimating the Impact of Climate Chang on Crop Yields: the Importance of Nonlinear Temperature Effects, Wolfram Schlenker (Columbia University)
  • November 21: When Should a Firm Expand its Business? The Signaling Implications of Business Expansion (with Esther Gal-Or and Ana Espinola-Arredondo), Felix Munoz-Garcia (SES)

December – 2008

  • December 5: Money and Time Poverty Thresholds for Food Poverty: A Cost Difference Approach, George C. Davis (Virginia Tech)
  • December 12: Measuring Racial Bias in Driving Under the Influence Enforcement, Brady Horn (SES)

January – 2009

  • January 16: The Economic Psychology of Television Advertising, Theory and Ads, Trent Smith (SES)
  • January 23: Comparing Lotteries with and without a Restriction on Permit Transfers, Adrienne Ohler (SES)

February – 2009

  • February 6: Economic Assimilation and Wage Mobility of Foreign-Born Workers in the United States, Seik Kim (UW)
  • February 20: Incorporating Original Research by Students in Undergraduate Courses: A Successful Model, Doug Young (SES)
  • February 27: An analysis of the impact of food safety information on consumer purchases of meat and poultry, Mykel Taylor (SES)

April – 2009

  • April 10: Is Wal-Mart good or bad for supermarket shoppers? >Leigh Distinguished Speaker: Jerry A. Hausman (MIT)
  • April 17: U.S. Highway Privatization and Motorists’ Heterogeneous Preferences, Jia Yan (SES)
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