Past Seminars – Spring Semester 2006

January – 2006

  • January 13: “The Effect of Income on Recycling Behavior in the Presence of a Bottle Law: New Empirical Results.” Bevin Ashenmiller (Occidential College), 3:30 p.m., Hulbert 409.
  • January 30: “Institutions and Growth: Time Series Evidence from a Natural Experiment,” Till Schreiber, (University of Washington), 3:30 p.m. CUE 518.

February – 2006

  • February 6: “Can Enforcement Constraints Explain the Pattern of Capital Flows after Financial Liberalizations?,” Julian Diaz, (University of Minnesota), 3:30 p.m., CUE 518.
  • February 9: “Migration of Firms, Hom Bias and the Geographical Distribution of Growth,” Gilad Aharonovitz, (Tel Aviv University), 3:30 p.m., CUE 518.
  • February 16: “Endogenous Property Rights Regimes, Common Pool Resources, and Trade Policies,” Gregmar Galinato, (University of Maryland), 3:30 p.m., Todd 125.
  • February 20: “Identifying Non-Cooperative Behavior Among Spouses: Child Outcomes in Migrant-Spending Households,” Joyce Chen, (Harvard University), 3:30 p.m., CUE 518.

March – 2006

  • March 22: “Money, Markets and Mathematical Models,” Robert Elliott (University of Calgary), 7:30 p.m., CUE 203.
  • March 23: “The New Science of Pleasure: Consumer Behavior and the Measurement of Well-Being,” Daniel McFadden, (University of California), 7:30 p.m. Todd Aud.
  • March 24: “The Browser War: Markov Perfect Equilibrium in Markets with Contagion Effects,” Daniel McFadden, (University of California), 10:00 a.m., Hulbert 409.

April – 2006

  • April 7: “Measuring the Value of a Statistical Life: Problems and Prospects,” Orley Ashenfelter, (Princeton University), 3:30 p.m., Hulbert 27.
  • April 14: “Expectations, Child Labor’s Impact on Health, and Economic Development,” Shawn Knabb, (Western Washington University), 3:30 p.m., Hulber 409.
  • April 20: “The Political Economy of School Choice: Support for Charter Schools across States and Districts,” Chris Stoddard, (Montana State University), 3:30 p.m., Hulbert 409.
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