Working Papers 2014


  • Fortenbery, R.T and T.B. Mick, “Industrial Hemp: Opportunities and challenges for Washington” Working Paper 2014-10.
  • Batina, R. and G. Galinato, “The Spillover Effects of Good Governance in a Tax Competition Framework with a Negative Environmental Externality.” Working Paper 2014-6.
  • Bayham, J., A. Espinola-Arredondo and F. Munoz-Garcia, “International Coordination of Environmental Policies: Is it Always Worth the Effort?” Working Paper 2014-3.
  • Galinato, G. and H. Chouinard, “Strategic Interaction and Institutional Quality Determinants of Environmental Regulations across Select OECD Countries.” Working Paper 2014-7.
  • Galinato, G. and A. Islam, “The Challenge of Addressing Consumption Pollutants with Fiscal Policy.” Working Paper 2014-1.
  • Li, T., “Who Does Not Want Equal Rights?” Working Paper 2014-5.
  • Liu, B. and A. Espinola-Arredondo, “The Impact of Environmental Taxes on Firm’s Technology and Entry Decisions.” Working Paper 2014-4.
  • Munoz-Garcia, F. and S. Akhundjanov, “Firm Preferences for Environmental Policy: Industry Uniform or Firm Specific?” Working Paper 2014-8.
  • Skolrud, T., G. Galinato, S. Galinato, R. Shumway, and J. Yoder, “The Role of Market Structure and Federal Renewable Fueled Standards in the Growth of the Cellulosic Biofueld Sector.” Working Paper 2014-2.
  • Tantihkarnchana, P. and G. Galinato, “The Amenity Value of Climate Change Across Different Regions in the United States,” Working Paper 2014-9.

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