Working Papers



Author(s)TitleWP Number
Rudiger Bachmann, Jinhui H. Bai, Minjoon Lee and Fudong Zhang 2020The Welfare and Distributional Eccects of Fiscal Volatility: A Quantitative Evaluation2020-2
Pak-Sing Choi, Ana Espínola-Arredondo, and Félix Muñoz-GarcíaMergers as an environmental ally: Socially excessive and insufficient merger approvals2020-1


Author(s)TitleWP Number
Syed Badruddoza, Modhurima Dey Amin, Jill J. McCluskey
Assessing the Importance of an Attribute in a Demand System: Structural Model versus Machine Learning
Richard A. Iles, Thomas L. Marsh, Thumbi Mwangi, and Guy H. PalmerFinancial stress, cognition and vaccine use: Dual-processing in changes in risk preference2019-4
Richard A. Iles, Haniel Gatumu, Samuel KagunduThe role of poverty on economic decision-making: a model of cognitive function and heuristic use. Revised 06/2019, Updated 12/20192019-3
Richard A. Iles, Thomas L. Marsh and Thumbi MwangiPoverty, a heuristic and economic decision-making: A quasi-natural experiment from rural Kenya2019-2
Ana Espinola-Arredondo, Eleni Stathopoulou and Felix Munoz-GarciaRegulators and Environmental Groups: Substitutes or Complements?2019-1


Author(s)TitleWP Number
Richard A. IlesGovernment Doctor Absenteeism And Its Effects On Consumer Demand In Rural North India2018-9
Update from 2017-9
John Strandholm, Ana Espinola-Arredondo, and Felix Munoz-GarciaPollution Abatement with Disruptive
R&D Investment
Ana Espinola-Arredondo and Felix Munoz-GarciaAbolishing Environmental Regulation: trategic Effects and Welfare Implications2018-7
Gregmar I. Galinato and Ryne RohlaDo Privately-Owned Prisons Increase Incarceration Rates? Revised
Ana Espínola-Arredondo, Dolores Garridoz, and Felix Munoz-GarciaCan Mandatory Certification Promote Greenwashing?
A Signaling Approach
Kiriti Kanjilal and Félix Muñoz-GarcíaCommon Pool Resources with Endogenous Equity Shares2018-4
Kiriti Kanjilal and Félix Muñoz-GarcíaEndogenous Equity Shares in Cournot Competition:
Welfare Analysis and Policy
Anthony Delmond and Haseeb AhmedCan Free-Riding Be Beneficial? Optimal Antimicrobial Use Under Free-Riding And Resistance ExternalitiesWP2018-2
Eric Dunaway and Félix Muñoz-GarcíaCampaign Limits and Policy Convergence with Asymmetric AgentsWP2018-1


Author(s)TitleWP Number
Brett R. Devine and Felix Munoz-GarciaNonlinear Pricing with Costly Information Acquisition Updated2017-15
Ana Espínola-Arredondo, Felix Munoz-Garcia, and Ae Rin JungOrganic Mergers and Acquisitions2017-14
Qingqing Yang and Robert RosenmanAdjusting Self-Assessed Health for Potential Bias Using a Random-Effects Generalized Ordered Probit model2017-13
Matt Birch and Robert RosenmanHow Much Does Merit Aid Actually Matter? Revisiting Merit Aid and College Enrollment When Some Students “Come Anyway”2017-12
Kiriti Kanjilal and Félix Muñoz-GarcíaCommon Pool Resources with Endogenous Equity Shares Revised 02/20182017-11
Casey Bolt and Ana Espinola-ArredondoDoes Ambiguity Matter for Ex Ante Regulation and Ex Post Liability?2017-10
Richard A. IlesGovernment Doctor Absenteeism And Its Effects On Consumer Demand In Rural North India2017-9
Updated 2018
Ana Espinola-Arredondo, Felix Munoz-Garcia and Isaac DuahA Reversal of the Green Paradox2017-8
Modhurima Dey Amin, Syed Badruddoza and Robert RosenmanQuality Differentiation under Mixed Competition in Hospital Markets2017-7
Mehmet Guray Unsal, Daniel Friesner
and Robert Rosenman
Hyunjyung Oh and Robert RosenmanThe Role of Individual Identities in Household Decision-making Process2017-5
Robert Rosenman and Felix Munoz-GarciaNonprofit Product Differentiation2017-4
Kiriti Kanjilal and Felix Munoz-GarciaRationalizing Time Inconsistent Behavior:
The Case of Late Payments
John Strandholm, Ana Espinola-Arredondo and Felix Munoz-GarciaRegulation, Free-Riding Incentives, and Investment in R&D with Spillovers2017-2
Ana Espinola-Arredondo, Felix Munoz-Garcia and Pitchayaporn TantihkarnchanaInformation Transmission during the Trial: The Role of Punitive Damages and Legal Costs2017-1 Updated from 2016-11
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Richard IlesSupplier-induced demand, repeat visits and the
informal healthcare sector in rural north India
Matthew Birch and Robert RosenmanIs it the Visit or the Scholarship? An analysis of a special campus visitation program Revision of WP 2016-18
Do Campus Visitation Programs Increase Enrollment?
2016-18 revised 2017
Haseeb Ahmed, Jonathan Yoder and Robert QuinlanRelationships between livestock grazing practices, disease risk, and antimicrobial use among East African Agropastoralists2016-17
Ethan Spangler
Allies with Benefits: US Effect on European Demand for Military Expenditures Updated 02.22.17; 03.07/17

Dusanee Kesavayuth, Robert E. Rosenman and
Vasileios Zikos
The dynamic effects of retirement on well-being2016-15
Daegoon Lee, C. Richard Shumway and
Benjamin W. Cowan
When Induced Innovation Augments and Saves Less Expensive Inputs2016-14
John C. Strandholm and Ana Espinola-ArredondoSpillover Effects of Green Technology Investment in the Face of Entry2016-13
Pak-Sing Choi, Ana Espinola-Arredondo
And Felix Munoz-Garcia
Conservation Procurement Auctions
with Bidirectional Externalities
Ana Espinola-Arredondo and
Felix Munoz-Garcia
Information Transmission during the Trial: The Role of Punitive Damages and Legal Costs2016-11
Tongzhe Li, Ana Espínola-Arredondo, and Jill J. McCluskeyPromoting Residential Recycling: An Alternative Policy Based on a Recycling Reward System2016-10
Gregmar Galinato and Yeon HongCorruption, Public Spending and Tobacco Use by Adolescents2016-9
Gregory I. Galinato, Timothy P. Nadreau and Tristan SkoludHow Does Washington State Initiative 732 Impact the Agriculture and Forestry Sectors?2016-8
Timothy P. NadreauWSU CGE Analysis of Carbon WA: Technical Documentation2016-7
Gregory M. Astill and C. Richard ShumwayProfits from Pollutants: Economic Feasibility of Integrated Anaerobic Digester Systems2016-5
Gregmar I. Galinato, You Zhou and Benjamin CowanHow a Race to the Bottom Can Make You Fat2016-4
Kesavayuth D., R.E. Rosenman and V. ZikosRetirement and Health Behavior2016-3
Gregory M. Astill and C. Richard ShumwayThe Market Impact of Widespread Adoption of Anaerobic Digestion with Nutrient Recovery Technology in the US Dairy Industry2016-2
Gregory M. Astill and C. Richard ShumwayA Real Options Approach with Learning Spillovers: Investment in Anaerobic Digester Technology2016-1
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Author(s)TitleWP Number
Skolrud T.D. Reducing Approximation Error in the Fourier Flexible Functional Form2015-20
Akhundjanov S.B. Multicountry Appropriation of the Commons, Externalities, and Firm Preferences for Regulation2015-19
Galinato G.I. and T. Skolrud Welfare Implications of the Renewable Fuel Standards with a Revenue-Neutral Tax2015-18
Yang, S. and C.R. ShumwayDynamic Adjustment in U.S. Agriculture under Climate Change2015-17
Liu, B., C.R. Shumway and J.K. Yoder Lifecycle Economic Analysis of Biofuels: Accounting for Economic Substitution in Policy Assessment2015-16
Espinola-Arredondo A., F. Munoz-Garcia and B. Liu Strategic Emission Fees: Entry Deterrence and Green Technology2015-15
Chouinard H.H., D.E. Davis, J.T. LaFrance and J.M. Perloff A Fat Tax Does Not Cut Fat Consumption and Is Regressive2015-14
Prera, A., J. Thacher, K. Grimsrud, M. Hand, D. McCollum and R. Berrens Reauthorizing the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act: Impact to Recreation Demand and National Forest in the Southwest2015-13
Liu, B. and C. R. Shumway Substitution Elasticities between GHG Polluting and Nonpolluting Inputs in Agricultural Production: A Meta-Regression2015-12
Mandal, B. and W. Chen Another Look at the Impacts of an Employer Health Insurance Mandate: Evidence from Massachusetts2015-11
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and F. Munoz-Garcia Profit-Enhancing Environmental Policy: Uninformed Regulation in an Entry-Deterrence Mode2015-10
Cowan, B. W., D. Lee and C. R. Shumway The Induced Innovation Hypothesis and U.S. Public Agricultural Research2015-09
Walters, C. G., C. R. Shumway, H. H. Chouinard and P. R. Wandschneider Asymmetric Information and Profit Taking in Crop Insurance2015-08
Galinato, G. I., T. A. Graciano, and X. Zhao The Welfare Effects of Opening to Foreign Direct Investment in Polluting Sectors2015-07
Shumway, C. R., B. M. Fraumeni, L. E. Fulginiti, J. D. Samuels, and Spiro E Stefanou Measurement of U.S. Agricultural Productivity: A 2014 Review of Current Statistics and Proposals for Change2015-06
Yang, S., C. R. Shumway Dynamic Adjustment in U.S. Agriculture under Climate Change.2015-05
Sabasi, D., C. R. ShumwayAnalysis of Technical Change, Efficiency Change, and Total Factor Productivity Change in U.S. Agriculture2015-04
Kesavayuth, D., R. Rosenman and V. ZikosRetirement, Personality, and Well-Being2015-03
Corruption, Public Spending and Tobacco Use by Adolescents2015-02
Galinato, G. and H. Chouinard,Strategic Interaction and Institutional Quality Determinants of Environmental Regulations across Select OECD Countries2015-01
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Author(s)TitleWP Number
Fortenbery, R.T and T.B. MickIndustrial Hemp: Opportunities and challenges for Washington2014-10
Tantihkarnchana, P. and G. GalinatoThe Amenity Value of Climate Change Across Different Regions in the United States2014-09
Munoz-Garcia, F. and S. AkhundjanovFirm Preferences for Environmental Policy: Industry Uniform or Firm Specific?2014-08
Galinato, G. and H. ChouinardStrategic Interaction and Institutional Quality Determinants of Environmental Regulations across Select OECD Countries2014-07
Batina, R. and G. GalinatoThe Spillover Effects of Good Governance in a Tax Competition Framework with a Negative Environmental Externality2014-06
Li, TWho Does Not Want Equal Rights?2014-05
Liu, B. and A. Espinola-ArredondoThe Impact of Environmental Taxes on Firm’s Technology and Entry Decisions2014-04
Bayham, J., A. Espinola-Arredondo and F. Munoz-GarciaInternational Coordination of Environmental Policies: Is it Always Worth the Effort?2014-03
Skolrud, T., G. Galinato, S. Galinato, R. Shumway, and J. YoderThe Role of Market Structure and Federal Renewable Fueled Standards in the Growth of the Cellulosic Biofueld Sector2014-02
Galinato, G. and A. IslamThe Challenge of Addressing Consumption Pollutants with Fiscal Policy 2014-01
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Author(s)TitleWP Number
Li, T. and F. Munoz-GarciaExplaining Hypothetical Bias Variations Using Income Elasticity of Demand2013-15
Galinato, G. and S. GalinatoThe Rolse of Government Spending on Deforestation and Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Land Use Change2013-14
Kesavayuth, D. R.E. Rosenman, and V. ZikosDoes Personality Affect how People Perceive their Health?2013-13
Han, B. and H. ChouinardProduct Quality, Advertising Intensity and Market Size2013-12
Liu, X. and H.H. ChouinardThe Effects of Product Quality on Net Trade2013-11
Tennekoon, V. and R. RosenmanBias in Measuring Smoking Behavior2013-10
Galinato, G., A. Olanie and J. YoderThe Trade and Health Effects of Tobacco Regulations.2013-09
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and F. Munoz-GarciaAsymmetric Information may Protect the Commons: The Welfare Benefits of Uninformed Regulators2013-08
Gallardo, R.K. A. Olanie, R. Ordonez, and M. OstromOrdonez, and M. Ostrom The Use of Wireless Capability at Farmers Markets: Results from a Choice Experiment Study2013-07
Toro-Gonzalez, D., J. Yan, R.K. Gallardo, and J.J. McCluskeyEstimation of Unobserved Attributes Using a Control Function Approach, Modeling the Demand for Mint Flavored Gum2013-06
Felix Munoz‐Garcia and Sherzod AkhundjanovEnvironmental Regulation: Supported by Polluting Firms, but Opposed by Green Firms?2013-05
Fahs, F., R. Mittelhammer, and J. YoderGeneralized Method of Truncated Moments Estimation of Censored Equation Systems.2013-04
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and F. Munoz-GarciaCan Poorly Informed Regulators Hinder Competition?2013-03
Liu, B. and A. Espinola-ArredondoThe Impact of Environmental Taxes on Firms’ Technology and Entry Decisions2013-02
Chouinard, H., G. Galinato, and P. WandschneiderMaking Friends to Influence Others: Entry and Contribution Decisions that Affect Social Capital in an Association2013-01
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Author(s)TitleWP Number
Bayham, J. and J. YoderWildfire Hazards: A Model of Disaster Response2012-9
Cassey, A. and B. SmithSimulating Confidence for the Ellison-Glaeser Index.2012-8
Galinato, G., R. Batina, and H. ChouinardThe Spillover Effects of Good Governance: How to Export Bribes and Pollution While Making Everyone Better Off2012-7
Toro-Gonzalez, D., J. Yan, K. Gallardo, and J. McCluskeyQuality Differentiation with Flavors: Demand Estimation of Unobserved Attributes2012-6
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and F. Munoz-GarciaAn Excessive Development of Green Products?2012-5
Yoder, J., A. Ohler and H. ChouinardWhat floats your boat? Preference revelation from lotteries over complex goods2012-4
Lee, S. and R. RosenmanReimbursement and Investment: Prospective Payment and For-Profit Hospitals’ Market Share2012-3
Zaikin, A. and A. Espinola-ArredondoThe Carrot or the Stick: Water Allocation Strategies for Uzbekistan2012-2
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and F. Munoz-GarciaEntry Deterrence in the Commons with Multiple Incumbents2012-1
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Author(s)TitleWP Number
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and F. Munoz-GarciaEnvironmental Protection Agencies: Measuring the Welfare Benefits from Regulation under Different Information Contexts2011-12
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and F. Munoz-GarciaWhen does Disinformation Promote Successful Treaties? 2011-11
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and F. Munoz-GarciaThe Informative Role of Subsidies2011-10
Tennekoon, V. and R. RosenmanSystematically Misclassified Binary Dependant Variables 2011-9
Tennekoon, V. and R. Rosenman‘Behold, a Virgin is with HIV!’: Misreporting Sexual Behaviour Among Infected Adolescents2011-8
Mittelhammer, R., R. Rosenman, V. TennekoonSequential Self-Selection of Program Adherence2011-7
Espinola-Arredondo, A., F. Munoz-GarciaCommitment in Environmental Policy as an Entry-Deterrence Tool2011-6
Munoz-Garcia, F. and G. ZaynutdinovaUnobserved Capacity Constraints and Entry Deterrence2011-5
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and H. ZhaoEnvironmental Policy in a Linear City Model of Product Differentiation2011-4
Espinola-Arredondo, A., F. Munoz-Garcia, and J. BayhamPromoting Lies through Regulation: Deterrence Impacts of Flexible versus Inflexible Policy2011-3
Ohler, A.M., H.H. Chouinard, and J.K. YoderInterest Group Incentives for Post-lottery Trade Restrictions2011-2
Smith, T Economic Stressors and the Demand for “Fattening” Foods2011-1
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Author(s)TitleWP Number
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and F. Munoz-GarciaKeeping Negotiations in the Dark: Environmental Agreements under Incomplete Information2010-20
Duffy, J. and F. Munoz-GarciaSignaling Concerns about Fairness: Cooperation under Uncertain Social Preferences2010-19
Hanks, A.,T. Smith, and A. TasnadiOpportunity Knocks: An Economic Analysis of Television Advertisements2010-18
Taylor, M.R.Effects of Food Safety Information on Consumer Behavior: Evidence from U.S. Household-Level Data2010-17
Rosenman, R., V. Tennekoon, and L.G. HillMeasurement Invariance and Response Bias: A Stochastic Frontier Approach2010-15
Cassey, A.J.State Export Behavior2010-14
Cassey, A.J.State Trade Missions2010-13
Cassey, A.J. , D.W. Holland, A. RazackComparing the Economic Impact of an Export Shock in Two Modeling Frameworks2010-12
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and F. Munoz-GarciaUncovering Entry Deterrence in the Presence of Learning-by-Doing2010-11
Galinato, G., S. Galinato, H. Chouinard, M. Taylor and P. WandschneiderAgritourism and Direct Agricultural Marketing in Washington State: An Industry Profile2010-10
Galinato, G. and S. GalinatoThe Effects of Corruption Control and Political Stability on the Environmental Kuznets Curve of Deforestation-Induced Carbon Dioxide Emissions2010-9
Galinato, S., A. George, and H. Hinman2010 Estimated Cost of Producing Hops in the Yakima Valley, Washington State2010-8
Gallardo, R.K. and J. ChangWe Know What You Choose! External Validity of Discrete Choice Models2010-7
Cassey, A.J., S.P. Galinato, and J. TaylorEconomic Impacts of the Elimination of Azinphos-methyl on the Apple Industry and Washington State2010-6
Rosenman, R., B. Mandal, V. Tennekoon, and L.G. HillEstimating treatment effectiveness with sample selection2010-5
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and F. Munoz-GarciaCan Incomplete Information Lead to Under-exploitation in the Commons2010-4
Galinato, S., J.K. Yoder, and D. GranatsteinThe Economic Value of Biochar in Crop Production and Carbon Sequestration2010-3
Barnes, M.G., T.G. Smith, and J.K. YoderEconomic Insecurity and the Spread of Obesity in Social Networks2010-2
Tasnadi, A., T.G. Smith, and A.S. HanksQuality Uncertainty as Resolution of the Bertrand Paradox2010-1
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Author(s)TitleWP Number
Yoder, J., S. Galinato, D. Granatstein, and M. Garcia-PerezEconomic tradeoff between biochar and bio-oil production via pyrolysis.2009-25
Galinato, S.P., D.L. Young, C.S. Frear, and J.K. YoderWill Washington Provide Its Own Feedstocks for Biofuels?2009-24
Friesner, D., R. Rosenman, B. Lobb, and E. TanneThe Costs of a Quiet Disorder: Direct and Indirect Costs of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension.2009-23
Lopez, R., G. Galinato, and A. IslamFiscal Spending and the Environment: Theory and Empirics 2009-22
GalinGalinato, G. and S. Galinatoato, G. and S. GalinatoGovernance and Deforestation Due to Agricultural Land Expansion.2009-21
Galinato, G., A. Olanie, S. Uchida, and J. YoderLong Term Versus Temporary Certified Emission Reductions in Forest Carbon-Sequestration Programs2009-20
Espinola, A. and F. MunozA Tale of Two Externalities: Environmental Policy and Market Structure.2009-19
Rosenman, R. The Public Finance of Healthy Behavior2009-18
Espinola, A., E. Gal-Or, and F. Munoz-GarciaWhen Should a Firm Expand its Business, The Signaling Implications of Business Expansion.2009-16
Espinola, A. and F. Munoz The importance of foregone options. 2009-14
Patience or Fairness? Analyzing social preferences in repeated games. Patience or Fairness? Analyzing social preferences in repeated games. 2009-12
Taylor, M.Does Food Safety Information Affect Consumers’ Decision to Purchase Meat and Poultry? Evidence from U.S. Household Level Data2009-11
Cassey, A.The Location of U.S. States’ Overseas Office2009-10
Rosenman,R., S. Goates, and L. HillParticipation in Universal Prevention Programs 2009-9
Espinola, A. and F. MunozFree-riding in International Environmental Agreements. A Signaling Approach to Non-Enforceable Treaties 2009-8
Smith, T., H. Chouinard, and P. WandschneiderWaiting for the Invisible Hand: Novel Products and the Role of Information in the Modern Market for Food. 2009-7
Aharonovitz, G.D., N. Skuza, and G. FahsCan Integrity Replace Institutions? Theory and Evidence. 2009-6
Aharonovitz, G.D. and J. MillerAre Net FDI Flows and Reversals of Capital Flows a Result of Output Growth?2009-5
Goodhue, R.E., J. LaFrance, and L.K. SimonWine Taxes, Production, Aging and Quality 2009-4
Chouinard, H.H., D.E. Davis, J.T. LaFrance, and J.M. Perloff Milk Marketing Order Winners and Losers.2009-3
LaFrance, J., R. PopeDuality Theory for Variable Costs in Joint Production 2009-2
Pope, R., J. LaFrance, and R. JustAgricultural Arbitrage and Risk Preferences 2009-1
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Author(s)TitleWP Number
Cassey, Andrew J., 2008California’s Exports and the 2004 Overseas Office Closures2008-28
LaFrance, Jeffrey T. and Rulon D. Pope, 2008The Generalized Quadratic Expenditure System2008-27
Choi, Seung Mo, 2008How Large are Learning Externalities?: Measurement by Calibration2008-26
Skolrud, T., E. O’Donoghue, C.R. Shumway, and A. MelhimWashington Farm Growth and Diversification 2008-25
Zheng, Qiujie and C. Richard ShumwayWashington Biofuel Feedstock Crop Supply Analysis2008-24
Yan, Jia and John LiuInstability of Dynamic Inventory Systems 2008-23
Galinato, Gregmar I. and Jonathan K. Yoder, 2008Revenue-Neutral Tax-Subsidy Policy for Carbon Emission Reduction 2008-22
Yan, Jia, Xiaowen Fu, and Tae OumExploring Network Effects of Point-to-Point Networks: An Investigation of the Spatial Entry Patterns of Southwest Airlines 2008-21
Winston, Clifford and Jia YanU.S. Highway Privatization and Motorists’ Heterogeneous Preferences 2008-20
Murphy, S., R. Rosenman, J. Yoder, and D. Friesner, 2008Patients’ Perceptions and Treatment Effectiveness2008-19
Aharonovitz, Gilad and Nyaga, E., 2008Values and Economic Performance: Theory and some Evidence from Kenya 2008-18
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Espinola, Ana and Munoz, F., 2008The importance of foregone options2008-14
Espinola, Ana, 2008Free-riding and cooperation in environmental games2008-13
Munoz, FelixCompetition for status acquisition in public good games2008-12
Munoz, Felix, 2008Social Comparisons as a device for cooperation in simultaneous-move games 2008-11
LaFrance, Jeffrey T., 2008The Structure of US Food Demand 2008-10
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McCoy, A., M. Nziramasanga, and J. YoderThe Check is in the Mail: Household Characteristics and Migrant Remittance From the U.S. to Mexico2008-1
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Author(s)TitleWP Number
Razack, A. and D. Holland. 2007The Economic Impact of a Possible Irrigation-Water Shortage in Odessa Sub-Basin of Adams and Lincoln Counties 2007-18
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Holland, D. and L. Stodick. 2007Assessing the Economic Impact of Energy Price Increases on Washington Agriculture and the Washington Economy: A General Equilibrium Approach2007-14
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Author(s)TitleWP Number
Berning, J. and D. Holland. 2006Measuring the Economic Impact of Agricultural Policies in Metro and Non-Metro Regions in Washington: A Regional General Equilibrium Approach 2006-13
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Bhattacharjee, S. and D. Holland, 2006An Economic Impact Analysis of the Nursery and Landscaping Industry in Washington State2006-1
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Author(s)TitleWP Number
Lankoande, M.D., J.K. Yoder, and P. Wandschneider, 2005Optimal wildfire insurance in the wildland-urban interface in the presence of a government subsidy for fire risk mitigation2005-9
Yoder, J., 2004Liability, regulation and endogenous risk: Incidence and severity of escaped prescribed fires in the United States2005-8
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Upadhyay, B.M. and D.L. Young, 2005An Operational Approach for Evaluating Investment Risk: An Application to the No-Till Transition2005-1
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