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A -C

  1. Raymond Batina– The effects of public Capital, taxation, and public goods, International tax competition, social security, The effects of policy on economic growth.
  2. Kenneth L. Casavant – Transportation economics, freight mobility, and transportation policy. Heavily funded state and federal projects include transportation planning for all modes of people and product logistics.
  3. Andrew Cassey – International trade, growth and development, industrial organization, and regional economics.
  4. Hayley Chouinard – Consumer demand for differentiated food products, auction and lottery allocation theory, and agricultural and natural resource policy.
  5. Ben Cowan – Public Economics, Health Economics, Labor Economics, Economics of Education.

D – F

  1. Ana Espinola – Environmental Economics and Game Theory, Industrial Organization, Public Economics and Applied Economics.
  2. Randy Fortenbery – Commodity market, prices and volatility, international trade, technology adoption and bio-energy.

G – H

  1. Greg Galinato – Natural resource and environmental economics and issues in development economics.
  2. Rosa Karina Gallardo – Agribusiness marketing, consumer demand, value-added food products.
  3. Mark Gibson – International trade, development, and the application of general equilibrium models in these areas.

I – K

  1. Patricia Kuzyk – Pedagogy and the economics of the media.

L – M

  1. Alan Love –  Research focuses on issues relating to industrial organization including: evaluation of strategic behavior on market structure and conduct, supply-chain management to improve efficiency in product production and delivery, and effects of government regulation and policy on markets, and on issues relating to information economics, contract design, intellectual property, and applied econometrics.
  2. Bidisha Mandal – Empirical applications in the field of health economics.
  3. Tom Marsh – Econometrics, agricultural commodity markets, and natural resource economics.
  4. Jill J. McCluskey – Product differentiation and market power in food industries, including product quality, food safety, and food labeling issues. Second focus is on environmental damage and land use issues.
  5. Vicki McCracken – Specialization in General Marketing and Price Analysis, Fruit Marketing, Consumption Analysis, Applied Econometrics.
  6. Ron C. Mittelhammer – Econometric theory with empirical applications in a variety of fields.
  7. Felix Munoz – Microeconomic theory, game theory, behavioral economics, industrial organization, and public economics.

N – Q

  1. Martin Ma – Applied Econometrics, Cultural Economics, Political Economics and Health Economics.
  2. Shannon Neibergs – Production economics of livestock industries, agribusiness and the commodity markets for livestock products.

R – S

  1. Robert Rosenman – Health economics with current interests in efficiency and quality of care, the economic analysis of substance abuse prevention and disease treatment, and applied econometric analysis of latent health variables.
  2. Jeremy Sage – Transportation Economics with particular emphasis on freight mobility; Economic geography; Spatial econometrics, analysis and statistics; Industrial organization.
  3. C. Richard Shumway – Output supply and input demand estimation for multiple‑output producers, testing the applicability of economic theory, and predicting producer response to changes in the economic environment, government policies, and/or technology.

T – W

  1. Peter Tozer – Production economics, farm and ranch management, economic analysis of farming systems, analysis of production agriculture.
  2. Philip R. Wandschneider – Non-market valuation, water economics and policy, the economics of sustainable agriculture.

X – Z

  1. Jia Yan – Transportation Economics, Applied Microeconomics, and Applied Econometrics.
  2. Jonathan K. Yoder – Natural resource and environmental economics, policy design, and econometrics. Current research topics include the economics of climate change policy, biofuel policy, wildfire risk mitigation, agricultural land use contracts, and other topics.

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