The School of Economic Sciences Working Papers Series in Economics are pre-publication versions of technical papers intended to disseminate current research being done in the field Economics. Authors present their working papers to share ideas or to receive feedback on their work.



Author(s)TitleWP Number
Pak-Sing Choi, Eugenio Diaz-Farina, Ana Espínola-Arredondo, and Félix Muñoz-GarciaOptimal Patent Lengths in Polluting Industries2022-2
Juan Rosas-Munoz, Ana Espinola-Arredondo, and Felix Munoz-GaricaDon't Leave the Regulator Alone in the Commons: How Fishing Cooperatives Can Help Ameliorate Inefficiencies2022-1


Author(s)TitleWP Number
Salvador Ortigueira and Nawid SiassiOn the Optimal Reform of Income Support for Single Parents2021-2
Salvador Ortigueira and Nawid SiassiAn Assessment of Senator Romney's Family Security Act: Would it Really Reduce Poverty?2021-1
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Author(s)TitleWP Number
Chelsea A. Pardini and Ana Espinola-ArredondoFungicide Resistance and Misinformation: A Game Theoretic Approach Updated2020-4
Chelsea A. Pardini and Ana Espinola-ArredondoGame-Theoretic Analyses of US Settlement Allow for Coercion2020-3
Rudiger Bachmann, Jinhui H. Bai, Minjoon Lee and Fudong Zhang The Welfare and Distributional Eccects of Fiscal Volatility: A Quantitative Evaluation2020-2
Pak-Sing Choi, Ana Espínola-Arredondo, and Félix Muñoz-GarcíaMergers as an environmental ally: Socially excessive and insufficient merger approvals2020-1


Author(s)TitleWP Number
Syed Badruddoza, Modhurima Dey Amin, Jill J. McCluskey
Assessing the Importance of an Attribute in a Demand System: Structural Model versus Machine Learning
Richard A. Iles, Thomas L. Marsh, Thumbi Mwangi, and Guy H. PalmerFinancial stress, cognition and vaccine use: Dual-processing in changes in risk preference2019-4
Richard A. Iles, Haniel Gatumu, Samuel KagunduThe role of poverty on economic decision-making: a model of cognitive function and heuristic use. Revised 06/2019, Updated 12/20192019-3
Richard A. Iles, Thomas L. Marsh and Thumbi MwangiPoverty, a heuristic and economic decision-making: A quasi-natural experiment from rural Kenya2019-2
Ana Espinola-Arredondo, Eleni Stathopoulou and Felix Munoz-GarciaRegulators and Environmental Groups: Substitutes or Complements?2019-1


Author(s)TitleWP Number
Richard A. IlesGovernment Doctor Absenteeism And Its Effects On Consumer Demand In Rural North India2018-9
Update from 2017-9
John Strandholm, Ana Espinola-Arredondo, and Felix Munoz-GarciaPollution Abatement with Disruptive
R&D Investment
Ana Espinola-Arredondo and Felix Munoz-GarciaAbolishing Environmental Regulation: trategic Effects and Welfare Implications2018-7
Gregmar I. Galinato and Ryne RohlaDo Privately-Owned Prisons Increase Incarceration Rates? Revised
Ana Espínola-Arredondo, Dolores Garridoz, and Felix Munoz-GarciaCan Mandatory Certification Promote Greenwashing?
A Signaling Approach
Kiriti Kanjilal and Félix Muñoz-GarcíaCommon Pool Resources with Endogenous Equity Shares2018-4
Kiriti Kanjilal and Félix Muñoz-GarcíaEndogenous Equity Shares in Cournot Competition:
Welfare Analysis and Policy
Anthony Delmond and Haseeb AhmedCan Free-Riding Be Beneficial? Optimal Antimicrobial Use Under Free-Riding And Resistance ExternalitiesWP2018-2
Eric Dunaway and Félix Muñoz-GarcíaCampaign Limits and Policy Convergence with Asymmetric AgentsWP2018-1


Author(s)TitleWP Number
Brett R. Devine and Felix Munoz-GarciaNonlinear Pricing with Costly Information Acquisition Updated2017-15
Ana Espínola-Arredondo, Felix Munoz-Garcia, and Ae Rin JungOrganic Mergers and Acquisitions2017-14
Qingqing Yang and Robert RosenmanAdjusting Self-Assessed Health for Potential Bias Using a Random-Effects Generalized Ordered Probit model2017-13
Matt Birch and Robert RosenmanHow Much Does Merit Aid Actually Matter? Revisiting Merit Aid and College Enrollment When Some Students “Come Anyway”2017-12
Kiriti Kanjilal and Félix Muñoz-GarcíaCommon Pool Resources with Endogenous Equity Shares Revised 02/20182017-11
Casey Bolt and Ana Espinola-ArredondoDoes Ambiguity Matter for Ex Ante Regulation and Ex Post Liability?2017-10
Richard A. IlesGovernment Doctor Absenteeism And Its Effects On Consumer Demand In Rural North India2017-9
Updated 2018
Ana Espinola-Arredondo, Felix Munoz-Garcia and Isaac DuahA Reversal of the Green Paradox2017-8
Modhurima Dey Amin, Syed Badruddoza and Robert RosenmanQuality Differentiation under Mixed Competition in Hospital Markets2017-7
Mehmet Guray Unsal, Daniel Friesner
and Robert Rosenman
Hyunjyung Oh and Robert RosenmanThe Role of Individual Identities in Household Decision-making Process2017-5
Robert Rosenman and Felix Munoz-GarciaNonprofit Product Differentiation2017-4
Kiriti Kanjilal and Felix Munoz-GarciaRationalizing Time Inconsistent Behavior:
The Case of Late Payments
John Strandholm, Ana Espinola-Arredondo and Felix Munoz-GarciaRegulation, Free-Riding Incentives, and Investment in R&D with Spillovers2017-2
Ana Espinola-Arredondo, Felix Munoz-Garcia and Pitchayaporn TantihkarnchanaInformation Transmission during the Trial: The Role of Punitive Damages and Legal Costs2017-1 Updated from 2016-11
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Richard IlesSupplier-induced demand, repeat visits and the
informal healthcare sector in rural north India
Matthew Birch and Robert RosenmanIs it the Visit or the Scholarship? An analysis of a special campus visitation program Revision of WP 2016-18
Do Campus Visitation Programs Increase Enrollment?
2016-18 revised 2017
Haseeb Ahmed, Jonathan Yoder and Robert QuinlanRelationships between livestock grazing practices, disease risk, and antimicrobial use among East African Agropastoralists2016-17
Ethan Spangler
Allies with Benefits: US Effect on European Demand for Military Expenditures Updated 02.22.17; 03.07/17

Dusanee Kesavayuth, Robert E. Rosenman and
Vasileios Zikos
The dynamic effects of retirement on well-being2016-15
Daegoon Lee, C. Richard Shumway and
Benjamin W. Cowan
When Induced Innovation Augments and Saves Less Expensive Inputs2016-14
John C. Strandholm and Ana Espinola-ArredondoSpillover Effects of Green Technology Investment in the Face of Entry2016-13
Pak-Sing Choi, Ana Espinola-Arredondo
And Felix Munoz-Garcia
Conservation Procurement Auctions
with Bidirectional Externalities
Ana Espinola-Arredondo and
Felix Munoz-Garcia
Information Transmission during the Trial: The Role of Punitive Damages and Legal Costs2016-11
Tongzhe Li, Ana Espínola-Arredondo, and Jill J. McCluskeyPromoting Residential Recycling: An Alternative Policy Based on a Recycling Reward System2016-10
Gregmar Galinato and Yeon HongCorruption, Public Spending and Tobacco Use by Adolescents2016-9
Gregory I. Galinato, Timothy P. Nadreau and Tristan SkoludHow Does Washington State Initiative 732 Impact the Agriculture and Forestry Sectors?2016-8
Timothy P. NadreauWSU CGE Analysis of Carbon WA: Technical Documentation2016-7
Gregory M. Astill and C. Richard ShumwayProfits from Pollutants: Economic Feasibility of Integrated Anaerobic Digester Systems2016-5
Gregmar I. Galinato, You Zhou and Benjamin CowanHow a Race to the Bottom Can Make You Fat2016-4
Kesavayuth D., R.E. Rosenman and V. ZikosRetirement and Health Behavior2016-3
Gregory M. Astill and C. Richard ShumwayThe Market Impact of Widespread Adoption of Anaerobic Digestion with Nutrient Recovery Technology in the US Dairy Industry2016-2
Gregory M. Astill and C. Richard ShumwayA Real Options Approach with Learning Spillovers: Investment in Anaerobic Digester Technology2016-1
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Author(s)TitleWP Number
Skolrud T.D. Reducing Approximation Error in the Fourier Flexible Functional Form2015-20
Akhundjanov S.B. Multicountry Appropriation of the Commons, Externalities, and Firm Preferences for Regulation2015-19
Galinato G.I. and T. Skolrud Welfare Implications of the Renewable Fuel Standards with a Revenue-Neutral Tax2015-18
Yang, S. and C.R. ShumwayDynamic Adjustment in U.S. Agriculture under Climate Change2015-17
Liu, B., C.R. Shumway and J.K. Yoder Lifecycle Economic Analysis of Biofuels: Accounting for Economic Substitution in Policy Assessment2015-16
Espinola-Arredondo A., F. Munoz-Garcia and B. Liu Strategic Emission Fees: Entry Deterrence and Green Technology2015-15
Chouinard H.H., D.E. Davis, J.T. LaFrance and J.M. Perloff A Fat Tax Does Not Cut Fat Consumption and Is Regressive2015-14
Prera, A., J. Thacher, K. Grimsrud, M. Hand, D. McCollum and R. Berrens Reauthorizing the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act: Impact to Recreation Demand and National Forest in the Southwest2015-13
Liu, B. and C. R. Shumway Substitution Elasticities between GHG Polluting and Nonpolluting Inputs in Agricultural Production: A Meta-Regression2015-12
Mandal, B. and W. Chen Another Look at the Impacts of an Employer Health Insurance Mandate: Evidence from Massachusetts2015-11
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and F. Munoz-Garcia Profit-Enhancing Environmental Policy: Uninformed Regulation in an Entry-Deterrence Mode2015-10
Cowan, B. W., D. Lee and C. R. Shumway The Induced Innovation Hypothesis and U.S. Public Agricultural Research2015-09
Walters, C. G., C. R. Shumway, H. H. Chouinard and P. R. Wandschneider Asymmetric Information and Profit Taking in Crop Insurance2015-08
Galinato, G. I., T. A. Graciano, and X. Zhao The Welfare Effects of Opening to Foreign Direct Investment in Polluting Sectors2015-07
Shumway, C. R., B. M. Fraumeni, L. E. Fulginiti, J. D. Samuels, and Spiro E Stefanou Measurement of U.S. Agricultural Productivity: A 2014 Review of Current Statistics and Proposals for Change2015-06
Yang, S., C. R. Shumway Dynamic Adjustment in U.S. Agriculture under Climate Change.2015-05
Sabasi, D., C. R. ShumwayAnalysis of Technical Change, Efficiency Change, and Total Factor Productivity Change in U.S. Agriculture2015-04
Kesavayuth, D., R. Rosenman and V. ZikosRetirement, Personality, and Well-Being2015-03
Corruption, Public Spending and Tobacco Use by Adolescents2015-02
Galinato, G. and H. Chouinard,Strategic Interaction and Institutional Quality Determinants of Environmental Regulations across Select OECD Countries2015-01
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Author(s)TitleWP Number
Fortenbery, R.T and T.B. MickIndustrial Hemp: Opportunities and challenges for Washington2014-10
Tantihkarnchana, P. and G. GalinatoThe Amenity Value of Climate Change Across Different Regions in the United States2014-09
Munoz-Garcia, F. and S. AkhundjanovFirm Preferences for Environmental Policy: Industry Uniform or Firm Specific?2014-08
Galinato, G. and H. ChouinardStrategic Interaction and Institutional Quality Determinants of Environmental Regulations across Select OECD Countries2014-07
Batina, R. and G. GalinatoThe Spillover Effects of Good Governance in a Tax Competition Framework with a Negative Environmental Externality2014-06
Li, TWho Does Not Want Equal Rights?2014-05
Liu, B. and A. Espinola-ArredondoThe Impact of Environmental Taxes on Firm’s Technology and Entry Decisions2014-04
Bayham, J., A. Espinola-Arredondo and F. Munoz-GarciaInternational Coordination of Environmental Policies: Is it Always Worth the Effort?2014-03
Skolrud, T., G. Galinato, S. Galinato, R. Shumway, and J. YoderThe Role of Market Structure and Federal Renewable Fueled Standards in the Growth of the Cellulosic Biofueld Sector2014-02
Galinato, G. and A. IslamThe Challenge of Addressing Consumption Pollutants with Fiscal Policy 2014-01
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Author(s)TitleWP Number
Li, T. and F. Munoz-GarciaExplaining Hypothetical Bias Variations Using Income Elasticity of Demand2013-15
Galinato, G. and S. GalinatoThe Role of Government Spending on Deforestation and Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Land Use Change2013-14
Kesavayuth, D. R.E. Rosenman, and V. ZikosDoes Personality Affect how People Perceive their Health?2013-13
Han, B. and H. ChouinardProduct Quality, Advertising Intensity and Market Size2013-12
Liu, X. and H.H. ChouinardThe Effects of Product Quality on Net Trade2013-11
Tennekoon, V. and R. RosenmanBias in Measuring Smoking Behavior2013-10
Galinato, G., A. Olanie and J. YoderThe Trade and Health Effects of Tobacco Regulations.2013-09
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and F. Munoz-GarciaAsymmetric Information may Protect the Commons: The Welfare Benefits of Uninformed Regulators2013-08
Gallardo, R.K. A. Olanie, R. Ordonez, and M. OstromOrdonez, and M. Ostrom The Use of Wireless Capability at Farmers Markets: Results from a Choice Experiment Study2013-07
Toro-Gonzalez, D., J. Yan, R.K. Gallardo, and J.J. McCluskeyEstimation of Unobserved Attributes Using a Control Function Approach, Modeling the Demand for Mint Flavored Gum2013-06
Felix Munoz‐Garcia and Sherzod AkhundjanovEnvironmental Regulation: Supported by Polluting Firms, but Opposed by Green Firms?2013-05
Fahs, F., R. Mittelhammer, and J. YoderGeneralized Method of Truncated Moments Estimation of Censored Equation Systems.2013-04
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and F. Munoz-GarciaCan Poorly Informed Regulators Hinder Competition?2013-03
Liu, B. and A. Espinola-ArredondoThe Impact of Environmental Taxes on Firms’ Technology and Entry Decisions2013-02
Chouinard, H., G. Galinato, and P. WandschneiderMaking Friends to Influence Others: Entry and Contribution Decisions that Affect Social Capital in an Association2013-01
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Author(s)TitleWP Number
Bayham, J. and J. YoderWildfire Hazards: A Model of Disaster Response2012-9
Cassey, A. and B. SmithSimulating Confidence for the Ellison-Glaeser Index.2012-8
Galinato, G., R. Batina, and H. ChouinardThe Spillover Effects of Good Governance: How to Export Bribes and Pollution While Making Everyone Better Off2012-7
Toro-Gonzalez, D., J. Yan, K. Gallardo, and J. McCluskeyQuality Differentiation with Flavors: Demand Estimation of Unobserved Attributes2012-6
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and F. Munoz-GarciaAn Excessive Development of Green Products?2012-5
Yoder, J., A. Ohler and H. ChouinardWhat floats your boat? Preference revelation from lotteries over complex goods2012-4
Lee, S. and R. RosenmanReimbursement and Investment: Prospective Payment and For-Profit Hospitals’ Market Share2012-3
Zaikin, A. and A. Espinola-ArredondoThe Carrot or the Stick: Water Allocation Strategies for Uzbekistan2012-2
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and F. Munoz-GarciaEntry Deterrence in the Commons with Multiple Incumbents2012-1
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Author(s)TitleWP Number
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and F. Munoz-GarciaEnvironmental Protection Agencies: Measuring the Welfare Benefits from Regulation under Different Information Contexts2011-12
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and F. Munoz-GarciaWhen does Disinformation Promote Successful Treaties? 2011-11
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and F. Munoz-GarciaThe Informative Role of Subsidies2011-10
Tennekoon, V. and R. RosenmanSystematically Misclassified Binary Dependant Variables 2011-9
Tennekoon, V. and R. Rosenman‘Behold, a Virgin is with HIV!’: Misreporting Sexual Behaviour Among Infected Adolescents2011-8
Mittelhammer, R., R. Rosenman, V. TennekoonSequential Self-Selection of Program Adherence2011-7
Espinola-Arredondo, A., F. Munoz-GarciaCommitment in Environmental Policy as an Entry-Deterrence Tool2011-6
Munoz-Garcia, F. and G. ZaynutdinovaUnobserved Capacity Constraints and Entry Deterrence2011-5
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and H. ZhaoEnvironmental Policy in a Linear City Model of Product Differentiation2011-4
Espinola-Arredondo, A., F. Munoz-Garcia, and J. BayhamPromoting Lies through Regulation: Deterrence Impacts of Flexible versus Inflexible Policy2011-3
Ohler, A.M., H.H. Chouinard, and J.K. YoderInterest Group Incentives for Post-lottery Trade Restrictions2011-2
Smith, TEconomic Stressors and the Demand for “Fattening” Foods2011-1
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Author(s)TitleWP Number
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and F. Munoz-GarciaKeeping Negotiations in the Dark: Environmental Agreements under Incomplete Information2010-20
Duffy, J. and F. Munoz-GarciaSignaling Concerns about Fairness: Cooperation under Uncertain Social Preferences2010-19
Hanks, A.,T. Smith, and A. TasnadiOpportunity Knocks: An Economic Analysis of Television Advertisements2010-18
Taylor, M.R.Effects of Food Safety Information on Consumer Behavior: Evidence from U.S. Household-Level Data2010-17
Rosenman, R., V. Tennekoon, and L.G. HillMeasurement Invariance and Response Bias: A Stochastic Frontier Approach2010-15
Cassey, A.J.State Export Behavior2010-14
Cassey, A.J.State Trade Missions2010-13
Cassey, A.J. , D.W. Holland, A. RazackComparing the Economic Impact of an Export Shock in Two Modeling Frameworks2010-12
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and F. Munoz-GarciaUncovering Entry Deterrence in the Presence of Learning-by-Doing2010-11
Galinato, G., S. Galinato, H. Chouinard, M. Taylor and P. WandschneiderAgritourism and Direct Agricultural Marketing in Washington State: An Industry Profile2010-10
Galinato, G. and S. GalinatoThe Effects of Corruption Control and Political Stability on the Environmental Kuznets Curve of Deforestation-Induced Carbon Dioxide Emissions2010-9
Galinato, S., A. George, and H. Hinman2010 Estimated Cost of Producing Hops in the Yakima Valley, Washington State2010-8
Gallardo, R.K. and J. ChangWe Know What You Choose! External Validity of Discrete Choice Models2010-7
Cassey, A.J., S.P. Galinato, and J. TaylorEconomic Impacts of the Elimination of Azinphos-methyl on the Apple Industry and Washington State2010-6
Rosenman, R., B. Mandal, V. Tennekoon, and L.G. HillEstimating treatment effectiveness with sample selection2010-5
Espinola-Arredondo, A. and F. Munoz-GarciaCan Incomplete Information Lead to Under-exploitation in the Commons2010-4
Galinato, S., J.K. Yoder, and D. GranatsteinThe Economic Value of Biochar in Crop Production and Carbon Sequestration2010-3
Barnes, M.G., T.G. Smith, and J.K. YoderEconomic Insecurity and the Spread of Obesity in Social Networks2010-2
Tasnadi, A., T.G. Smith, and A.S. HanksQuality Uncertainty as Resolution of the Bertrand Paradox2010-1
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Author(s)TitleWP Number
Yoder, J., S. Galinato, D. Granatstein, and M. Garcia-PerezEconomic tradeoff between biochar and bio-oil production via pyrolysis.2009-25
Galinato, S.P., D.L. Young, C.S. Frear, and J.K. YoderWill Washington Provide Its Own Feedstocks for Biofuels?2009-24
Friesner, D., R. Rosenman, B. Lobb, and E. TanneThe Costs of a Quiet Disorder: Direct and Indirect Costs of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension.2009-23
Lopez, R., G. Galinato, and A. IslamFiscal Spending and the Environment: Theory and Empirics 2009-22
GalinGalinato, G. and S. Galinatoato, G. and S. GalinatoGovernance and Deforestation Due to Agricultural Land Expansion.2009-21
Galinato, G., A. Olanie, S. Uchida, and J. YoderLong Term Versus Temporary Certified Emission Reductions in Forest Carbon-Sequestration Programs2009-20
Espinola, A. and F. MunozA Tale of Two Externalities: Environmental Policy and Market Structure.2009-19
Rosenman, R. The Public Finance of Healthy Behavior2009-18
Espinola, A., E. Gal-Or, and F. Munoz-GarciaWhen Should a Firm Expand its Business, The Signaling Implications of Business Expansion.2009-16
Espinola, A. and F. Munoz The importance of foregone options.2009-14
Patience or Fairness? Analyzing social preferences in repeated games. Patience or Fairness? Analyzing social preferences in repeated games. 2009-12
Taylor, M.Does Food Safety Information Affect Consumers’ Decision to Purchase Meat and Poultry? Evidence from U.S. Household Level Data2009-11
Cassey, A.The Location of U.S. States’ Overseas Office2009-10
Rosenman,R., S. Goates, and L. HillParticipation in Universal Prevention Programs 2009-9
Espinola, A. and F. MunozFree-riding in International Environmental Agreements. A Signaling Approach to Non-Enforceable Treaties 2009-8
Smith, T., H. Chouinard, and P. WandschneiderWaiting for the Invisible Hand: Novel Products and the Role of Information in the Modern Market for Food. 2009-7
Aharonovitz, G.D., N. Skuza, and G. FahsCan Integrity Replace Institutions? Theory and Evidence. 2009-6
Aharonovitz, G.D. and J. MillerAre Net FDI Flows and Reversals of Capital Flows a Result of Output Growth?2009-5
Goodhue, R.E., J. LaFrance, and L.K. SimonWine Taxes, Production, Aging and Quality 2009-4
Chouinard, H.H., D.E. Davis, J.T. LaFrance, and J.M. Perloff Milk Marketing Order Winners and Losers.2009-3
LaFrance, J., R. PopeDuality Theory for Variable Costs in Joint Production 2009-2
Pope, R., J. LaFrance, and R. JustAgricultural Arbitrage and Risk Preferences 2009-1
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Author(s)TitleWP Number
Cassey, Andrew J., 2008California’s Exports and the 2004 Overseas Office Closures2008-28
LaFrance, Jeffrey T. and Rulon D. Pope, 2008The Generalized Quadratic Expenditure System2008-27
Choi, Seung Mo, 2008How Large are Learning Externalities?: Measurement by Calibration2008-26
Skolrud, T., E. O’Donoghue, C.R. Shumway, and A. MelhimWashington Farm Growth and Diversification 2008-25
Zheng, Qiujie and C. Richard ShumwayWashington Biofuel Feedstock Crop Supply Analysis2008-24
Yan, Jia and John LiuInstability of Dynamic Inventory Systems 2008-23
Galinato, Gregmar I. and Jonathan K. Yoder, 2008Revenue-Neutral Tax-Subsidy Policy for Carbon Emission Reduction 2008-22
Yan, Jia, Xiaowen Fu, and Tae OumExploring Network Effects of Point-to-Point Networks: An Investigation of the Spatial Entry Patterns of Southwest Airlines 2008-21
Winston, Clifford and Jia YanU.S. Highway Privatization and Motorists’ Heterogeneous Preferences 2008-20
Murphy, S., R. Rosenman, J. Yoder, and D. Friesner, 2008Patients’ Perceptions and Treatment Effectiveness2008-19
Aharonovitz, Gilad and Nyaga, E., 2008Values and Economic Performance: Theory and some Evidence from Kenya 2008-18
Srinidhi, B., Yan, J., and Kumar, G.T., 2008Firm-level Resource Allocation to Information Security in the Presence of Financial Distress 2008-17
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Espinola, Ana and Mondal, S., 2008The effect of parental leave on female employment: evidence from state policies2008-15
Espinola, Ana and Munoz, F., 2008The importance of foregone options2008-14
Espinola, Ana, 2008Free-riding and cooperation in environmental games2008-13
Munoz, FelixCompetition for status acquisition in public good games2008-12
Munoz, Felix, 2008Social Comparisons as a device for cooperation in simultaneous-move games 2008-11
LaFrance, Jeffrey T., 2008The Structure of US Food Demand 2008-10
Walters, C.G., Shumway, C.R., Chouinard, H.H., and Wandschneider, P.R., 2008Information and Opportunistic Behavior in Federal Crop Insurance Programs 2008-9
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Liu, Y. and Shumway, Y.L. 2008Induced Innovation in U.S. Agriculture: Time-series, Direct Econometric, and Nonparametric Tests 2008-3
Hill, L.G., Goates, S., and R. Rosenman, 2008Detecting Selection Bias in Community Disseminations of Universal Family-Based Prevention Programs 2008-2
McCoy, A., M. Nziramasanga, and J. YoderThe Check is in the Mail: Household Characteristics and Migrant Remittance From the U.S. to Mexico2008-1
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Author(s)TitleWP Number
Razack, A. and D. Holland. 2007The Economic Impact of a Possible Irrigation-Water Shortage in Odessa Sub-Basin of Adams and Lincoln Counties 2007-18
Painter, Kate and Dennis Roe, 2007Economics of Canola Production in the Pacific Northwest2007-17
Smith, T.G., C. Stoddard, and M.G. Barnes, 2007Why the Poor Get Fat: Weight Gain and Economic Insecurity 2007-16
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Holland, D. and L. Stodick. 2007Assessing the Economic Impact of Energy Price Increases on Washington Agriculture and the Washington Economy: A General Equilibrium Approach2007-14
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Author(s)TitleWP Number
Berning, J. and D. Holland. 2006Measuring the Economic Impact of Agricultural Policies in Metro and Non-Metro Regions in Washington: A Regional General Equilibrium Approach 2006-13
Holland, D., S. Bhattacharjee and L. Stodick. 2006Assessing the Economic Impact of Minimum Wage Increases on the Washington Economy: A General Equilibrium Approach 2006-12
Holland, D. and A. Razack. 2006Assessing the Economic Impact of an Agricultural Export Shock on the Washington Economy: A Tale of Two Models2006-11
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Friesner, D.L., R. Mittelhammer, and R. Rosenman, 2006Inferring the Latent Incidence of Inefficiency from DEA Estimates and Bayesian Priors 2006-8
Chouinard, H. and J. Yoder. 2006Repeated Auctions with the Right of First Refusal2006-7
Chouinard, H. 2006Repeated Auctions with the Right of
First Refusal and Asymmetric
Young, H.L. and T.G. Smith, 2006Why Are Americans Addicted to Baseball? An Empirical Analysis of Fandom in Korea and the U.S. 2006-5
Smith, T.G., 2006Reconciling Psychology with Economics: Obesity, Behavioral Biology, and Rational Overeating 2006-4
Friesner, D.L., M.Q. McPherson, and R. Rosenman, 2006Are Hospitals Seasonally Inefficient? Evidence from Washington State Hospitals 2006-3
Puenpatom, R.A. and R. Rosenman, 2006Efficiency of Thai provincial public hospitals after the introduction of National Health Insurance Program 2006-2
Bhattacharjee, S. and D. Holland, 2006An Economic Impact Analysis of the Nursery and Landscaping Industry in Washington State2006-1
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Author(s)TitleWP Number
Lankoande, M.D., J.K. Yoder, and P. Wandschneider, 2005Optimal wildfire insurance in the wildland-urban interface in the presence of a government subsidy for fire risk mitigation2005-9
Yoder, J., 2004Liability, regulation and endogenous risk: Incidence and severity of escaped prescribed fires in the United States2005-8
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Upadhyay, B.M. and D.L. Young, 2005An Operational Approach for Evaluating Investment Risk: An Application to the No-Till Transition2005-1
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