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2016-17 PhD Students Job Market Placement

CandidateResearch Interests Major ProfessorsDissertation TitlePosition Accepted
Parichat KlingthongDynamic stochastic general equilibrium models, empirical macroeconomicsRaymond BatinaEssays on Fiscal Policy, Public Infrastructure, and Public Infrastructure, R&D and Heterogeneous LaborSenior Economist at the Ministry of Finance for Thailand
Daegoon LeeApplied Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Agricultural EconomicsC. Richard Shumway and Benjamin W. CowanEconomics of Technological Change and Induced InnovationWashington Employment Security Dept., Olympia WA
Wenxing SongEmpirical Industrial Organization, Econometrics, Agricultural EconomicsVicki McCrackenThree Essays on Empirical Industrial Organization and Product QualityFedEx
Ethan SpangerInternational Economics, Development, and Political EconomyPhilip WandschneiderOutside In: Explorations in the Political Economy of National SecurityJP Morgan Chase
John C. StrandholmEnvironment and Natural Resource Economics, Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics, Applied EconometricsAna Espinola-ArredondoPollution Abatement R&D Investment Under Different Market Structures and Regulatory RegimesTenure-track position at the University of South Carolina Upstate.
Megan WaldropIndustrial Organization EconometricsJill McCluskeyEconomics of Organic and Sustainable ProductsAssociate Touchstone Research
Ziying YangEmpirical Industrial Organization, Environmental Economics, Policy Evaluation,Applied Econometrics, Applied Microeconomics, Game TheoryFelix Munoz-GarciaEssays on Industrial Organization and Environmental EconomicsAssistant Professor, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Xin Zhao
Industrial Organization, International Trade, Natural Resource and Environmental Economics
Stephen Devadoss and Ron C. MittelhammerEssays on Heterogeneity in Industrial Organization, Trade and Environmental EconomicsPost doctoral position, University of Arkansas

2015-16 PhD Students Job Market Placement

CandidateResearch Interests Major Professors Dissertation Title Date Available Position Accepted
Sherzod AkhundjanovApplied Econometrics, Statistics, Applied Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, and Environmental EconomicsRon Mittelhammer
Felix Munoz
Essays on Environmental Regulation and Applied MicroeconomicsMay 2016Assistant Professor, Utah State University
Gregory AstillApplied Econometrics, Applied MicroRichard ShumwayProduction Analyses on Green Technology Adoption: The Case of Anaerobic DigestionDec. 2015USDA Economic Research Service
Paul ErvinDevelopment Economics, Resource Economics, Applied EconometricsJon YoderThree Essays on the Economics of Infectious DiseasesMay 2016Social Investigation Specialist at the Ministry of Economic and Social Development - Paraguay
Lyliana Gayoso de ErvinLabor Economics, Applied Econometrics, Development Economics, Policy EvaluationBen CowanEssays on Economics of Education and Language of InstructionMay 2016Senior Economist at the Ministry of Economic Planning - Paraguay
Miaoru LiuApplied Microeconometrics, Food economics, Quantitative MethodsThomas MarshThree Essays on Human Welfare and Public PoliciesMay 2016Sr. Corporate Risk Officer, Zions Bancorporation
Darlington SabasiProductivity, Agricultural Markets, Experimental Economics, Applied Econometrics and International DevelopmentRichard ShumwayAnalysis of U.S. Agricultural Total Factor Productivity Components, Credit Constraints, and Farm Households’ Labor AllocationMay 2016Assistant Professor of Economics at Beloit College - Wisconsin
Tristan SkolrudAgricultural Economics, Natural Resource and Environmental Economics, Applied EconometricsRichard ShumwayAdvances in the Economic Modeling of Agriculture and Natural ResourcesMay 2016Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Saskatchewan
Wenxing SongEmpirical Industrial Organization, Econometrics, Agricultural EconomicsVicki McCrackenThree Essays on Empirical Industrial Organization and Product QualityMay 2016FedEx
Pitchayaporn TantihkarnchanaEnvironmental and Natural Resource Economics, Industrial Organization Economics Hayley Chouinard
Michael Brady
The Impact of Environmental Amenity on Real Estate Market and Decision Making in the Incomplete Information ContextMay 2016Lecturer, Penn State
Dustin WhiteHealth and Labor Economics, Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics, and Applied MicroeconomicsBen CowanThe Hidden Costs of Decisions in Applied MicroeconomicsMay 2016Assistant Professor, Economics Department, and Graduate Faculty at the University of Nebraska - Omaha

2014-15 PhD Students Job Market Placement

CandidateResearch Interests Major Professors Dissertation Title Date Available Position Accepted
Pratikshya Sapkota BastolaApplied Econometrics,
Industrial Organization,
Development and Environmental Economics
Jill McCluskeyEssays on Development and Enviromental Economics of NepalMay 2015JP Morgan Chase
Umesh BastolaAgricultural Economics, International Development, Applied EconometricsThomas MarshEssays on International Agricultural DevelopmentMay 2015Modeling and Analytics Associate for JP Morgan Chase
Wen ChenFinancial Economics, Industrial Organization, Labor EconomicsRobert RosenmanCorporate Decision Making and InformationMay 2015Risk Modeling Senior for Freddie Mac's Internal Audit Division
Pavan DhanireddyEconometrics, Statistics, International Trade and Development EconomicsAndrew CasseyEssays on Trade, Immigration and MicrofinanceMay 2015Avar Consulting in Rockville, Maryland
Bing HanEconometrics, Statistics, Industrial Organization and Game TheoryHayley ChouinardThree Essays on Product Quality and Sequential AuctionsAug 2015Post-Doctoral WSU
Zarrina JuraqulovaApplied Microeconomics, Labor Economics and Gender EconomicsJill McCluskeyEssays on Academic Labor Market and Family Planning.May 2015Assistant Professor, Denison University
Dinkar KuchibhotlaHealth Economics, Development Economics and Applied EconometricsRobert RosenmanThree Essays on Health Economics June 2015Visiting Assistant Professor at the State University of NY (SUNY) at Fredonia
Tongzhe LiExperimental and Behavioral Economics, Game Theory and Industrial OrganizationJill McCluskeyExperimental Economics and Sustainable EnergyMay 2015Assistant Professor, University of Windsor.
Georgina MitchellEconomics of EducationJill McCluskeyEconomics of Education: Analyzing Policies that Affect Success in Education, Coeur d'Alene Tribe.May 2015Economist, Coeur d'Alene Tribe
Xichao WangInternational Trade, Development Economics, and Industrial OrganizationPhilip R. WandschneiderEssays on International Trade and Development Economics GrowthMay 2015Assistant Professor at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in China
Sansi YangAgricultural Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics, EconometricsRichard ShumwayDynamics in U.S. Agriculture under Climate change, Production Uncertainty and Endogenous GrowthMay 2015Assistant Professor at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law in Wuhan, China

2013-14 PhD Students Job Market Placement

CandidateResearch InterestsMajor ProfessorsDissertation TitleDate AvailablePosition Accepted
Gabrielyan, GnelApplied Econometrics, IO, Agricultural Economics Thomas Marsh Essays on Hop Price Formation and Brewing Industry Aug 2014 Post Doctoral Researcher, Cornell University
Liu, XiaonanConsumer Demand, Econometrics, International Trade Hayley ChouinardDemand for Food Accounting for Zero Consumption and the Quality Effect on Net Trade May 2014 Modeler, JPMorgan Chase Bank
Shrader, RebekahAgricultural and Environmental/Natural Resources Hayley Chouinard     Food Policy and Management May 2014 Assistant Professor, California State University, Stanislaus
Smith, BenIndustrial Organization and International EconomicsPhil WandschneiderApplying New Technology Topics and Ideas to Economics Jan 2014Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska, Omaha
Wooten, JadrianI/O and Environmental & Natural ResourcesJill McCluskey Applied Microeconomic Topics in American SoccerMay 2014 Lecturer, Penn State
Zhang, RuojinAgricultural Policies, Industrial Organization, EconometricsThomas Marsh Essays in Agricultural Policy and ContractAug 2014Assistant Professor, Southerwestern University of Finance and Economics in China 

2012-13 PhD Students Job Market Placement

CandidateResearch InterestsMajor ProfessorsDissertation TitleDate AvailablePosition Accepted
Asiseh, FafanyoHealth Economics, International Development, Industrial OrganizationRobert RosenmanEconomics of Infectious Diseases in Sub Saharan AfricaMay 2013Assistant Professor, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Bayham, JudeNatural Resource and Environmental Economics, MicroeconomicsJonathan YoderModeling Crisis Response Outcomes and the Unintended Consequences of Renewable Energy PolicyAug 2013Assistant Professor Chico State University
Carrillo, LillianIndustrial Organization, Experimental and Behavioral Economics, International Trade and DevelopmentJill McCluskeyCulture and Consumer PreferencesMay 2013Assistant Professor, School of Economic and Mgt Sciences, Universidad Autónoma de Occidente, Cali-Colombia.
Cho, YongwonSports Economics, Health EconomicsJill McCluskeyEssays on Applied MicroeconomicsMay 2013Post Doctoral  Fellow, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade
Jiang, JingzeNatural Resource and Environmental Economics, Econometrics, Industrial OrganizationThomas Marsh  and  Jill McCluskeyEssays on Environmental Economics and EnergyAug 2013Assistant Professor, Edinboro University
Jiang, XiaojiaoEconometrics, International Trade, Agricultural EconomicsThomas MarshEssays on the Tree Fruit IndustryMay 2013Post Doctoral Researcher, Washington State University
Li, Huixin “Emma”Agricultural Economics, Econometrics, Natural ResourcesVicki McCrackenEmpirical Analysis of the Fresh Fruit AttributesMay 2013Analyst, JP Morgan Chase
Luckstead, JeffInternational Trade, Industrial Organization, EconometricsRon Mittelhammerand Stephen DevadossEssays in Policy Analysis: Strategic Trade Theory and the Elimination of Agricultural SubsidiesMay 2013Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas
Ma, JunIndustrial Organization, Helath, EconometricsVicki McCrackenCultural Attitudes, Outcomes and IntermarriageMay 2013Assistant Professor, BYU Idaho
Nusius, Tricia AndrewTaxation, Public Economics, Industrial OrganizationJill McCluskeyLocal Taxation and Differentiated ProductsAug 2013Assistant Director, Royal Malaysian Customs Agency
Olainie, AaronNatural Resource Economics, Industrial OrganizationGregmar GalinatoEssays in Regulation Policy, Property Rights, and Risk ManagementMay 2013Research Economist, EMSI Consulting
St. Brown, MaxEnvironmental and Natural Resource Economics, International Trade, Industrial Organization, Development EconomicsJonathan YoderEssays on Economic Integration and the Diffusion of IdeasMay 2013Assistant Professor of Economics, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL
Tekindor, AysinArt Economics, Econometrics, Environmental EconomicsVicki McCrackenEssays in Applied Microeconomics: Art Market AnalysisMay 2013Visiting Assistant Professor, Cal State Long Beach
Wang, QianqianInternational Economics, Financial Economics, EconometricsMark Gibson and  Andrew CasseyCo-Movement of the Chinese and U.S. Aggregate Stock ReturnsMay 2013Assistant Professor, Henan University, China
Woolstenhulme, JaredEducation Economics, Labor, Econometrics, Industrial OrganizationBen Cowan and  Jill McCluskeyThe Two-Body Problem in AcademiaMay 2013Senior Associate, Charles River and Associates
Yormirzoev, MirzoboboJill McCluskeyEssays on International Migration in the Former Soviet UnionAug 2013Assistant Professor, National University-Higher School of Economics, Perm Campus
Zaikin, AndreyIndustrial Organization, Experimental and Behavioral Economics, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, EconometricsAna Espinola and  Jill McCluskeyProduct Differentiation with Technology and Allocation of Common Pool ResourcesAug 2012Analyst, T-Mobile
Zhao, HuanEnvironmental Economics, TransportationJia YanProduct Differentiation, Consumer Preferences, and ReputationAug 2013Economic Analyst, Washington State Dept. of Labor & Industries

2011-12 PhD Students Job Market Placement

CandidateResearch InterestsMajor ProfessorsDissertation TitleDate AvailablePosition Accepted
Densmore, ChrisAgricultural Economics, Industrial OrganizationJill McCluskeyInter-temporal Effects of Market and Production CharacteristicsMay 2012Visiting Assistant Professor, Arizona State University
Gonzalez, Daniel ToroIndustrial Organization, International economics, econometricsJill McCluskeyCustomization versus Mass Appeal with an application to the beer industryMay 2012Assistant Professor, School of Economic and Business, Universidad Technologica de Bolivar
Michalski, JoelGlobal Climate Change, Adaptation to Climate Change, Technology and Climate Change, Natural Resource Economics, International Development, SustainabilityVicki McCrackenWheat Varieties, Technology, Climate & Yield: An Analysis Using WSU’s Wheat Variety Test Data and Interpolated Weather RecordsMay 2012Climate Economist, CIMMYT
Henry-Osorio, MiguelEconometrics, Applied Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Competing Risk AnalysisRon C. Mittelhammer and  Vicki McCrackenEmpirical Models of Economic Choice ProcessesMay 2012Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma
Sage, Jeremy*Economic Geography; Spatial Econometrics; Alternative Food Networks; Industrial Organization; Sociology of Agriculture and Food SystemsEric JessupA Geographic Exploration of the Social and Economic Sustainability of Farmers’ Markets and the Rural Communities that Make Them WorkMay 2012Research Assistant Professor, Washington State University
Skuza, NathanExperimental Economics, Agricultural Marketing, Agricultural Economics, and Applied EconometricsVicki McCrackenThree Essays on Organic AgricultureAug 2011Assistant Professor, Eastern Washington University
Tennekoon, VidhuraEconometrics, Applied Microeconomics (Health Economics, Industrial Organization), International EconomicsRobert Rosenman  & Ron C. MittelhammerTopics in Health EconometricsMay 2012Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma
Wong, TakIndustrial OrganizationJia Yan  &  Jill McCluskeyEssays on Empirical Industrial Organization in the Airline IndustryDec 2011Economist, Taiwan
Zhao, YunfeiEconometrics and Agricultural EconomicsTom MarshThree Essays in Microeconometrics and Corporate FinanceDec 2011Econometrician, Citicorp, St. Louis

2010-11 PhD Students Job Market Placement

CandidateResearch InterestsMajor ProfessorsDissertation TitleDate AvailablePosition Accepted
Colby, ScottPublic Goods, Growth and DevelopmentJeff LaFranceEssays in Microeconomic TheoryMay 2011Assistant Professor, Penn State University
Graciano, Tim A. International Economics, Growth and Development, EconometricsJeffrey LaFrance and Mark GibsonImporting, Uncertainty, and the Costs of TradeMay 2011Research Economist, USDA
Hanks, Andrew S. Behavioral Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Public GoodsJill McCluskey and Trent SmithApplications in Advertising and Nonprofit OrganizationsMay 2011Assistant Professor, Ohio State University
Li, Shuo Industrial Organization and EconometricsJill McCluskeyA Taste for Markdowns in Retail Food MarketsAug 2011Analyst, Federal Express
Nguyen, Diem Agricultural and Natural Economics, Industrial Organization, Econometrics, Survival AnalysisVicki McCrackenEconometric Analysis of Firm Performance and Student SuccessAug 2011Risk Manager, American Express
Wang, Hainan Industrial Organization, Econometrics, Experimental EconomicsJill McCluskeyEffects of Information and Culture on Consumer PreferencesMay 2011Senior Manager, Chase

2009-10 PhD Students Job Market Placement

CandidateFieldsMajor ProfessorsDissertation TitleDate AvailablePosition Accepted
Alshahran, Saadi*Natural Resources, EconometricsKeith BlatnerOil and Water, Managing Saudi Arabia’s ResourcesMay 2010Economist, IMF
Basu, RashmitaHealth Economics, Econometrics, and MicroeconomicsRobert RosenmanRole of Healthy Lifestyle on Individual Decision Making for Disease PreventionDec 2009Assistant Professor, Texas A&M College of Medicine
Cullen, KelleyEconomics of EducationJill McCluskeyAnalyzing the Determinants of College and Health Care ChoiceAug 2010Asst. Prof., Eastern Washington Univ.
Holmgren, Mark Industrial Organization, Transportation Economics, Applied EconomicsVicki McCrackenThree Essays Examining the Behavior of GroupsAug 2010Assitant Professor, Eastern Washington University
Khachatryan, Hayk*Transportation Economics, MarketingKen CasavantInvestigation of Alternative Fuel MarketsMay 2010Assistant Professor, University of Florida
Goates, Scott Econometrics, Industrial Organization, Health EconomicsRobert RosenmanTopics in Health Economics: Prevention, Measurement and FraudMay 2010Economist and Research Fellow, Center for Disease Control in Atlanta
Lee, Seungchul Health Economics, Econometrics, Agricultural EconomicsRobby RosenmanReimbursement and Investment: Why market share of for-profit hospitals increased after prospective paymentAug 2010Research Fellow, Samsung Economic Research Institute
Mongeon, Kevin Industrial Organization, EconometricsJill McCluskeyEssays in Sports EconomicsMay 2010Assistant Professor, College of Business, University of New Haven
Perevodchikov, Evgeniy Applied Econometrics, Agricultural and Natural Resource EconomicsThomas MarshInvasive Species Outbreaks and International TradeMay 2010Assistant Professor, Tomsk State University (TUSUR), Russian Federation
Yang, NanIndustrial Organization, EconometricsJill McCluskeyQuality Differentiation in Wine MarketsMay 2010Economist, Discover Financial Services
Zheng, QiujieAgricultural Economics, Econometrics, International TradeVicki McCracken and Richard ShumwayThree essays on production economics, risk analysis and consumer choice and demandMay 2010Assistant Professor, University of Alaska, Department of Economics

2008-9 PhD Students Job Market Placement

CandidateFieldsMajor ProfessorsDissertation TitleDate AvailablePosition Accepted
Horn, BradyIndustrial Organization, Econometrics, Public PolicyJill McCluskeyThe Economics and Measurement of Racial Bias in Law EnforcementMay 2009Asst. Prof., Univ. of New Mexico
Lindsay, WilliamLabor EconomicsF. InabaLaw Enforcement Performance Standards and Wages: A Test of the Efficiency Wage HypothesisDec 2009Economic Consultant
Melhim, AlmuhanadAgricultural and Production Economics, EconometricsC. Richard ShumwayEssays on production economics: Farm’s growth and diversification, cost economies under risk and uncertainty, and cost economies in the presence of agricultural contractsMay 2009Post Doctoral Researcher, Univ. of Guelph, Canada
Ohler, AdrienneNatural Resource and Environmental Economics, Public Policy, EconometricsHayley Chouinard
Jonathan Yoder
Three Essays on Natural Resource Allocation and Public PolicyAug 2009Asst. Prof., Illinois State Univ.
Ponnaluru, SrinivasaAgricultural EconomicsTom MarshEmpirical Analysis of Used Construction Equipment and Auction House RevenuesDec 2009Post Doctoral Researcher, Impact Center, WSU
Shreay, SanatanIndustrial Organization, Econometrics, Labor and Health EconomicsJill McCluskey
Hayley Chouinard
Essays on Modeling Limited Dependent VariblesMay 2009Global Health Economist, Amgen Corporation
Zhang, CaipingApplied Econometrics, Agricultural EconomicsThomas MarshEssays in Empirical Economics: Wheat Gluten Imports, Pear Marketing, and Banking InefficiencyDec 2008Asst. Prof., Central Univ. of Finance and Econ., Beijing
Zhang, HuifangApplied Econometrics, Food Safety and Consumer DemandThomas Marsh
Jill McCluskey
Impacts of Food Bourne Illness Outbreaks and Information on DemandMay 2009Research and Data Analysis Manager, Department of Social and Health Services, WA State

2007-8 PhD Students Job Market Placement

CandidateFieldsMajor ProfessorsDissertation TitleDate AvailablePosition Accepted
Barnes, MichaelApplied Econometrics, Health and LaborTrent SmithRisk Perceptions and Lifestyle Choices: Empirical and Theoretical Findings for Smoking and ObesityAug 2008Statistical modeler, The Hartford
Benson, AaronNatural Resource EconomicsRay HuffakerThree Essays in Environmental and Natural Resource PolicyFeb 2008Asst. Prof., Texas Tech
Berning, JoshuaIndustrial Organization and Marketing, Natural Resource EconomicsJill McCluskeyGrocery Store Shelf Labeling and Consumer ChoiceAug 2008Assistant Professor, Dept Ag & Res Economics, University of Connecticut
Fahs, FaysalEconometrics, Microeconomics, and Environmental EconomicsRon MittelhammerEssays in Limited Dependent Variables and Discrete Choice ModelsAug 2008Instructor, North Dakota State Univ.
Liu, YucanProduction Economics and EconometricsRichard ShumwayRisk, Induced Innovation, and Productivity Convergence in U.S. AgricultureOct 2007Market Analysis, FedEx
Markosyan, ArmenakEconometrics and Industrial OrganizationJill McCluskeyEssays in Modeling Individual PreferencesJuly 2008Litigation Consultant, Econ One
McCullough, MichaelApplied MicroeconomicsRay Huffaker
Tom Marsh
Phase Space Reconstruction: Methods in Applied Economics and EconometricsMay 2008Asst. Prof., Cal Poly
Murphy, SeanHealth Economics and EconometricsRobert Rosenman
Dan Friesner
Disease Management and Latent ChoicesMay 2008Asst. Prof., West Texas A&M
Nogueira, LiaIndustrial Organization and EconometricsHayley Chouinard
Tom Marsh
Non-Tariff Barriers and Research Programs: Trade and Welfare ImplicationsMay 2008Asst. Prof. Univ. of Illinois
Walters, CoryEconometrics and Risk EconomicsRichard ShumwayEssays on Production: Producer Opportunism in Crop Insurance and Spatial and Temporal Stability of Nitrogen Use and Loss in Wheat ProductionMay 2008Asst. Prof., Univ. of Kentucky

2002-7 PhD Students Job Market Placement

YearGraduate StudentDissertation TitleMajor ProfessorJob Placement
2007Costanigro, MarcoProduct Characteristics and Reputation Effects in the Wine MarketMcCluskeyAssistant Professor, Colorado State University
2006Bai, JunfeiConsumers’ Preferences for Dairy Products in Alternative Food Store Formats in ChinaWahlAssociate Professor, Chinese Academy of Science
2005Rangkakulnuwat, PoomthamThree Essays in Application of Cointegration Analysis with Exogenous Variables and Structural BreaksWang/AhnAssistant Professor, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok
2005Lee, Hsiang-TaiDynamic Futures Hedging and Consumer Shopping BehaviorYoderAssistant Professor, Dept. of Banking and Finance, National Chi Nan University
2004Rahman, TauhidurEssays on the Measurement of Human Well-BeingMittelhammerAssistant Professor, University of Arizona
2004Snarr, HalA Duration Analysis of Time Limited WelfareRosenmanAssistant Professor, North Carolina-A&T
2004Curtis, KyndaThe Industrialized Global Market for Processed BiotechnologyMcCluskey/WahlAssistant Professor, University of Nevada
2003Winfree, JasonValuation of Conservation PropertiesMcCluskeyAssistant Professor, University of Michigan
2002Molitor, ChristopherThe Effect of In-School Work Experience at Community Colleges and Four-Year CollegesLeighAssistant Professor, Eastern Washington University
2002Briand, GenevieveApplications in Natural Resource EconomicsMatulichAssistant Professor, Eastern Washington University
2002Petrela, EivisThe Role of Demand Seasonality and Housing Investment in the Farm Labor Market in Washington StateWandschneiderAssistant Professor, Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo
2002Grimsrud, KristineOptimal Control of Pest Resistance to Transgenic Crop VarietiesHuffakerAssistant Professor, University of  New Mexico

Recent examples of industry postions include:

2007Puenpatom, Rajitkanok (Amy)Effects of Thai Healthcare Policy on Household Demand, Hospital Effeciency and Household EarningsRosenmanEndo Pharmaceuticals
2005Xi, JingFull Bayesian Bootstrap Analysis of Simultaneous Equations: Extensions and ApplicationsMittelhammerCapital One
2005Sreedharan, PrasannaTrade Barriers and Market Power in the U.S. Apple IndustryWahl/DevadossTNS-Global
2004Li, QuanThe Chinese Agricultural Market: Consumer Response to Biotechnology and Foreign Direct InvestmentWahlAmerican Express
2003Wei, QizhiThe Pricing of Risk Factors in International Financial MarketsRosenmanAmerican Express
2003Hu, JianqingIdentity, Preferences and Consumption: Asian Expatriates in the United StatesMcCluskeyAmerican Express
2001Fahs, RaficSemi Parametric Estimation and Inference in Multinomial Choice and System of Censored Demand Equation Models With Application to Estimating Demand SystemMittelhammerAmerican Express

Recent example of Government and other positions include:

2005Lankoande, Mariam D.Wildfire Economics and PolicyYoderEconomic Analyst, Office of Budget and Economic Services, Washington State Dept. of Natural Resources
2003Upadhyay, Bharat ManiAnalysis of Farmers’ Investment Behavior for Conservation TechnologiesYoungAgriculture and Agri-Food Canada
2003Kang, DaechangAssessment of the Productivity of Highway Stock and Maintenance Spending by Disaggregate Industry Data AnalysisBatinaS. Korean Government, Policy Analysis
Washington State University