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Fall 2018
DateNameAffiliationSeminar TitleTime & Place
August 31Jason WinfreeUniversity of IdahoBuy Local and Social InteractionHulbert 27, 3-4pm
September 21Jake WagnerWashington StateWater demand in rural KenyaHulbert 27, 3-4pm
September 28Jeff LucksteadUniversity of ArkansasImpact of Reginal Trade Agreements on the Food Processing IndustryPACCAR 202, 1:30-4:30pm
September 28Lia NogueiraUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnSomething Fishy in Seafood Trade? The Relation between Tariff and Non-Tariff BarriersPACCAR 202, 1:30-4:30pm
September 28Des O'RourkeEmeritus Professor, WSU Agricultural EconomicsThe Promise and Perils of Pacific Northwest Fruit ExportingPACCAR 202, 1:30-4:30pm
September 28Randy FortenberyWashington State UniversityTrade in an Uncertain Political EnvironmentPACCAR 202, 1:30-4:30pm
October 4Olvar BerglandNorwegian University of Life SciencesCongested Transmission Lines and Market Power (Applying Machine Learning in Industrial Organization)Hulbert 323J, 11:30am-1pm
October 5J Scott HolladayUniversity of TennesseePrices versus Nudges: What matters for search versus purchase of energy investments?Hulbert 27, 3-4pm
October 12Justin DenneyWashington State University, Department of SociologyFamilies, Communities, and Health: Implications of Contextual IncongruenceHulbert 27, 3-4pm
October 19Nicholas PotterWashington State UniversityCan Crop Switching Mitigate the Effect of Climate on Agricultural Productivity in the Fruitful Rim?Hulbert 27, 3:10-4:15pm
October 26Kiana YektansaniWashington State UniversityEnvironmental Policy Design Under Environmentally Concerned and Future Oriented ConsumersHulbert 27, 3:10-4:15pm
November 2Ryne RohlaWashington State UniversityThe Partisan Tithe: Revealed Preferences for Political Homogeneity in Church SelectionHulbert 27, 3:10-4:15pm
November 16Kara GrantWashington State UniversityHealthcare Utilization: A Trade-off Between Time Cost and Market PriceHulbert 27, 3:10-4:15pm
November 30PakSing ChoiWashington State UniversityMergers between Green and Brown FirmsHulbert 27, 3:10-4:15pm
Spring 2019
DateNameAffiliationSeminar TitleTime & Place
March 8Craig GundersonUniversity of Illinois3:10 - 4:30
Hulbert 27
March 29Alex MaasUniversity of Idaho3:10 - 4:30
Hulbert 27
March 3:10 - 4:30
Hulbert 27
April 5Kathleen SegersonUniversity of Connecticut3:10 - 4:30
Hulbert 27
April 19Harounan KaziangaOklahoma State University3:10 - 4:30
Hulbert 27
May 10David Bishai Johns Hopkins University3:10 - 4:30
Hulbert 27
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