B.S. in Economic Sciences

Option Areas:

  • The agricultural economics option deals with economic issues related to food and fiber supply and demand and the natural resource base that supports agricultural production and societal needs. Students gain expertise applicable to public decision making and private decisions of farms, ranches, agribusinesses and related natural resources.
  • The environmental and resource economics option trains students to make informed decisions that impact the environment while carefully weighing the trade-offs between protecting, restoring, developing, and allocating natural resources.
  • The business economics option trains students to use economic concepts and data analytic tools to better understand how decisions are made regarding business strategy and management, marketing, and finance problems faced by businesses operating in a market system.
  • The financial markets option provides students with solid, analytical training in the substantial overlap between economics and finance. Economists can help investors understand the impact of national policy and other events on business conditions, and the implications of predictions on companies, stocks, markets, etc.
  • The international economics & development option provides students an understanding of and tools to analyze how policies, institutions and endowments influence physical, human, and natural capital accumulation, in global settings.
  • The economics, policy and law option provides students with the analytical skills used in law school and policy-making including those used in tax, law, regulation, program, policy and project arenas.
  • The quantitative economics option provides students with the skills to understand and use more advanced statistical and mathematical models, preparing them for careers involving data analysis or for advanced education — such as a MS or PhD in economics or related field.

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