Michael Grossman

Michael GrossmanMichael Grossman is a Distinguished Professor in the PhD Program in Economics at the City University of New York Graduate Center.  He directs the NBER’s Health Economics Program and is a co-editor of the Review of Economics of the Household, a series co-editor of Advances in Health Economics and Health Services Research, and an associate editor at many other journals.  Dr. Grossman is a member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, a past president of the Eastern Economic Association, and the current president of the American Society of Health Economists.  His research focuses on economic models of the determinants of health, the economics of substance use and abuse, and the determinants of interest rates on tax-xempt hospital bonds. He has recently completed studies deal with the effects of excise taxes on cigarette smoking by pregnant women, the relationship between substance use and risky sexual behavior by teenagers, the economics of obesity, and the effects of managed care on hospital prices for bypass surgery and for angioplasty. His current research deals with the effects of the introduction of national health insurance and compulsory school reform in Taiwan on child health outcomes in that country.  His new projects address the effects of food prices and food advertising on body composition of children, moral hazard in less invasive surgical technology for coronary artery disease, and the impacts of insurance, outcomes, and severity on pricing of major cancer surgery.


Washington State University