Washington Agribusiness: Status & Outlook

Washington Agribusiness: Status and Outlook is an annual publication prepared by Washington State University faculty in the School of Economic Sciences. It is intended to be a concise overview of Washington’s current and near-term agricultural activity. The publication is broken down into two primary sections. Section I reviews the status of various sub-sectors in agriculture and provides short-term projections or areas of focus moving forward. Section II provides specialty research focused on agricultural economic issues such as agricultural futures markets, organic farming, wheat milling, etc.

Feedback on any issue and suggestions for future featured articles is most welcome. Specific questions regarding focus areas in the report should be directed to the managing editor who will work with the primary authors to provide responses.


Randy Fortenbery, Executive Editor

School of Economic Sciences
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99163

Timothy P. Nadreau, Managing Editor

School of Economic Sciences
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99163

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Contributing Authors

Michael Brady, Ph.D.

Ken Casavant, Ph.D.

Andrew Cassey, Ph.D.

Jon Driver, B.S.

T. Randall Fortenbery, Ph.D.

Suzette Galinato, M.A.

Karina Gallardo, Ph.D.

David Granatstein, M.S.

Mark Gibson, Ph.D.

Eric Jessup, Ph.D.

Alexander Kappes, Ph.D. Candidate

Elizabeth Kirby, M.S.

Thomas Marsh, Ph.D.

Carol Miles, Ph.D.

Timothy Nadreau, Ph.D.

Shannon Neibergs, Ph.D.

Alejandro Prera, Ph.D.

Jiehong Qiu, Ph.D.

Peter Tozer, Ph.D.

Kent Wheiler, Ph.D. (University of Washington)

Jonathan Yoder, Ph.D.