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Randy Fortenbery

The IMPACT Center, located in the School of Economic Sciences at Washington State University, seeks to address economic, social, political, and technical problems that affect the competitiveness of Washington’s agriculture and related sectors. Being positioned in a major land grant university enables IMPACT to draw on expertise and knowledge from an array of researchers in a wide range of fields.

The focus of IMPACT is to identify new or expanded opportunities for Washington’s products; gather information about markets; provide regional economic development and impact analysis; and disseminate research and other information in outreach and engagement with stakeholders.

Karina Gallardo

Recent Publications

Author Title Date
IMPACT Center Annual PublicationWashington Agribusiness: Status and Outlook2021
Nadreau, Fortenbery2020 Contributions of the Washington Cannabis Sector and Analysis of HB10192021
Nadreau, Neibergs2019 Contributions of the Washington Beef Sector2020
Nadreau, GalinatoCOVID-19 and Washington State Potatoes: Economic Losses From Reductions in Potato Demand2020
Nadreau, Neibergs2019 Contributions of Washington's Regional Dairy Sectors2020