Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Is the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) required for admission?

A.The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) general test is recommended (but not required)  If you take the GRE exam, please have official results sent to the Graduate School at WSU, Institution Code #4705. (See for information on the GRE including test centers and dates).


Q.Is the TOEFL required for admission?

A.International students are required to demonstrate proficiency in the English language, as indicated by a paper-based TOEFL score of 550 or higher (minimum of 80 for Internet-based test or 213 for computer-based test), and to provide evidence of financial independence. International students should arrange to have an official copy of the TOEFL results sent to WSU, Institution Code #4705. The TOEFL score must be less than two years old by the time of intended enrollment. A degree from a recognized U.S. university may waive the TOEFL exam requirement.


Q.What is the cost of the program?

A.The tuition for the academic year 2014-2015 is $11,746 for in-state graduate students and $25,178 for out-of-state (including new international) students. For additional fees and estimated living costs in the Pullman Campus, please check the Student Financial Services website:


Q.Is financial aid available for participants in the program?

A.The University does not offer financial aid to students in the Master in Applied Economics Program, but on occasion funding has been offered to exceptional students.


Q.Can Master program students take classes in the Economics Department’s Ph.D. Program?

A.All master students are required to take core Masters courses during the first year of the program, during which time they are not allowed to take PhD courses for credit. However, during the second year in the Masters program, the Ph.D. core courses are open to Masters students subject to the approval from the advisory committee. In fact, every year a few Masters students take Ph.D. core courses in preparation for applying to Ph.D. programs. If a master student is admitted into our PhD program, those PhD core courses are transferred (facilitating the transition to the PhD program). If students go to Ph.D. programs elsewhere, they become better prepared due to the prior exposure to the PhD courses.


Q.Can credits earned from another graduate program be transferred and counted towards the Master’s degree?

A.Credit of acceptable quality (grade of 3.00 or higher on a 4.0 scale) earned in other recognized graduate schools may be applied toward the master’s degree. Credits may be transferred only if appropriate to the student’s program and if the courses presented for transfer are accepted by the student’s advisory committee, course instructor, and the Graduate School. Transfer credits may not be substituted for residence requirements.


Q.Can credits earned at a WSU undergraduate course be counted towards the Master’s degree?

A.Seniors who have at least a 3.0 grade point average in the last half of their undergraduate work at Washington State University (2 years) may register for up to 6 credit hours of graduate study for use in a graduate degree program (A- or better). This credit must be in excess of that required to complete the bachelor’s degree. The approval of the major advisor and director of the school or program in which the course is offered, is required prior to registering for this credit. For instance, if you take 400-level classes in excess of those required for your bachelor’s degree, and you obtained A- or better on them, they can subsequently be used as part of the elective courses of your Master degree (subject to the approval of the major advisor and director of the school). This transfer of credits can facilitate the completion of your Master degree.


Q.Can credits earned as WSU Class 5B and 5C student be counted towards the Master’s degree?

A.A maximum of 6 semester hours appropriate to a thesis master’s program or 8 semester hours appropriate to a non-thesis master’s program, which were earned at Washington State University and not utilized to fulfill another degree requirement, may be applied toward a graduate degree if approval is obtained from the Associate Dean of the Graduate School before enrollment in the courses.


Q.Why are some classes listed at the University of Idaho?

A.The Master’s Degree program is a joint degree program offered by Washington State University and the University of Idaho, a neighboring university 7 miles away. Professors that teach in the degree program come from both Washington State University and the University of Idaho.

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