Biofuel Feedstock

“Transportation and Logistics for Biofuel Feedstock”

Project Charts (in MS Excel)

The attached material is the result of  research at Washington State University under a PNNL subcontract focuses on the transportation and logistics aspects of moving biofuel feedstock from production areas to proposed processing facilities and finished product to consumption markets. There are many aspects associated with biofuel development in the Pacific Northwest that hinges on the transportation considerations associated with available infrastructure, modal efficiency and competition and resultant transportation costs for different types of movements. This necessitates a broader consideration for the need and abilities of the current transportation industry, and attendant infrastructure, to handle, support and facilitate such development. Shifting freight flow patterns from feedstock development in the region or neighboring areas may alter use of state highways and local roads, roads not currently designed for such heavy movements, and may require new investment in various transportation infrastructure including railroad capacity and service.  This working paper provides the methodology uses and the results of the analysis.

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