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The State of Washington hosts a unique ecosystem that has been challenged by the increasing population. Washington State University School of Economic Sciences faculty conduct research on the economics related to the challenges of preserving the environment and the natural resources.



FS110E: Understanding Water Price, Value, and CostBrady, YoderFebruary 2013pdf
Water and sewer customer assistance programs in the United States, and online cost calculator for a nationwide affordability program. CookJune 2022Water and sewer assistance programs
Millions of Americans struggle to pay their water bills – here’s how a national water aid program could work.CookNov. 2021The Coversation
Would you lease your water rights? The devil is in the detailsNicole BellOct. 2021CSANR
Report on the “Tech for Trade” Survey of Growers in the Yakima, Okanogan, Walla Walla and Methow Basins.Cook, YoderDate 2021pdf
KUOW “The Record”, interview on water markets.CookAug. 2019NPR
Skagit Basin Supply and Demand Synthesis.YoderDate 2021WRC
Streamflow Restoration Technical Guidance in support of RCW 90.94. Report to the Washington State Department of Ecology.Yoder, Brady, and
Mar. 2019WRC
Benefit-Cost Analysis of the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan Projects. Report to the Washington State Legislature.Yoder, Brady, and
Dec 2014WRC


Evaluating stormwater education and outreach programs. Stormwater Action Monitoring Study, administered by the Department of Ecology. Cook Date 2022Department of Ecology State of Washington
Tools and Resources for Behavior Change Campaigns in Stormwater and Water Quality. CookDate 2022Washington State University
The effects of eligibility and voluntary participation on the distribution of benefits in environmental programs: an application to green stormwater infrastructure.CookDate 2022pdf


Economics of Canola Production in the Pacific Northwest: Painter, Kate and Dennis Roe, 2007.Web page
Working Paper 2007-17pdf


Straw-to-EnergyWeb page
Electrical Generation & Transmission Cooperative Fueled by Straw: The Prospects for Eastern WashingtonWeb page
EB1922E: The Effect of the No-Burn Ban on the Economic Viability of producing Bluegrass Seed in Select Areas of Washington Statepdf

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