Irrigated Alfalfa Production

The following budgets provide detailed information on raising both organic and conventional alfalfa under center pivot irrigation in the Columbia Basin. We are assuming that alfalfa establishment occurs in the fall after harvesting a small grain.

2009 Irrigated Alfalfa Budgets (pdf)
Excel workbook

Cost Calculator for Irrigated Organic Alfalfa Production
— Excel workbook

Dryland Organic Alfalfa Production

The following budget provides detailed information on raising dryland organic alfalfa for two different rainfall zones, less than 15″ annual precipation and more than 15″ annual precipitation. We assume that alfalfa establishment occurs in the spring

Spreadsheet for Dryland Organic Alfalfa Production
Excel workbook


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Alfalfa Production


This extension bulletin is an excellent resource for growers interested in producing organic alfalfa, both irrigated and dryland. Alfalfa provides an excellent transitional crop for those interested in organic production of other crops as well. This guide includes a great deal of information on managing weeds, pests and diseases, and includes a small section on economics. For more information on the economics of organic alfalfa production, please download the cost calculators for irrigated and dryland organic production

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